Sample Hr Management Essay on The SRC 12 Force Structure


Since the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan in 2014, the army has been struggling to return to its pre-war operational state. A constitution of different HR companies forms the new Standard Requirements Code (SRC) – 12 structure. According to Field Manual (FM), 1-0, the SRC 12 force structure should consist of (i) A military mail terminal team, (i) Human Resource Sustainability Centre(HRSC), (iii) Human Resource Company Headquarter (iv) Subordinate Postal and HR platoons, (v) A Theatre Gateway Personnel Accountability Team. The unit originated from the redesignation of personnel commands (PERSCOMs). The force is similar to PERSCOMS but lacks control. The resource company headquarters provide services at the theatre level. The brigade and the battalions S-1s are responsible for offering and supporting internal HR services.

The Human Resource Sustainable Center (HRSC)

The HRSC is the largest unit of the SRC 12 force structure. The organization is responsible for overseeing the roles of postal functions in the HROB, Sustainment Command, Platoons, ESC, and HR companies. The HRSC has the part of providing guidance and training to the theatre HR organizations (FM 1-0, 2014). The ESC commander advises on employment. The Human Resource Sustainable Center passes information to ASCC G-1/AG, influencing decision-making. It is also responsible for overseeing all the SRC 12 HR operations. The HRSC acts as the HR support in postal services and casualty. They are accountable for guiding HRBO, ESC, HR companies, and their platoons.


HR Company

The HR company is divided into the HQ’s support section and the Plans and operations section. The HR company’s headquarters overseas all the human resource units of the army. They command both the HR platoon and Postal Platoon. (FM 1-0, 2014)  They are responsible for overseeing the comfortability of the personnel in all the units.  The HR company supports communication between all the units in the SRC 12 forces.

HR Platoon

The HR platoon is responsible for offering mission command and logistics support for every squad. (FM 1-0, 2014) .The unit also serves as a support for Theatre Gateway Personnel Accountability Team (TGPAT).

Postal Platoons

The team operates with the Plans and Operations team in HR companies. Postal Platoons consist of an HQs section, two postal squads, and a postal finance section (FM 1-0, 2014). The Platoon provides postal services to all the units in SRC 12.

Expeditionary Sustainment Command (ESC)

The ESC is responsible for the distribution, and the opening of the theatre in SRC 12 operations. It offers a joint command as provided by the designated representative. The ESC is responsible for planning missions for the assigned unit. It also comes into play when rapid deployment is required. (FM 1-0, 2014)  The ESC acts as a central command center for the theatre army.( ATP 1-0.2, 2017) The unit provides staff support to the SRC 12 forces. The ESC staffs are responsible for delivering their commands with accurate information on the situation at hand. The ESC SPO section’s information is understood by analyzing and creating a Common Operation Picture (CPO). The ESC provides the same staff support functions as the TSC only that the latter has a higher capacity.

Human Resource Operation Branch (HROB)

The HROB uses the SRC 12 forces to fulfill its missions. It integrates the HRSC and the HR company. It works together with the ESC in supporting the operations of SRC 12 HR. HROB is responsible for coordinating the HR support system in military operations. Also, they organize the preparations of plans and orders. (FM 1-0, 2014) HROB is accountable for the development of military strategies. They comprehend and interpret information from HR support to the ESC. The HROB acts as an intergrader between the HRSC and HR organizations in the fulfillment of HR support plans. It provides training to all its supporting units. It plays a vital part in the Military decision-making unit. The HRSC is responsible for offering technical training to HROB.  The Human Resource Operation Branch is responsible for developing performance work statements for the HR contracts.  (FM 1-0,2014). The HRBO can deploy part of the sustainable brigade or ESC to assist in the operation of the postal services and casualties assistance center. It is also responsible for recommending HR support requirements for military operations.

Military Mail Terminal (MMT) Team

The MM team is responsible for dispatching retro-grade and pro-grade mails to their destinations. It works with the HR company HQs and four postal platoons in achieving its mandate. The team takes letters to the Continental United States (CONUS) at APOD.(ATP 1-0.2, 2017) It acts as an information center between MMT and sustainment brigade in SPO HROB sections in coordinating military activities. The MMT has unique pieces of equipment that enable them to fulfill their responsibility. They have a forklift and rough-terrain container handler to assist in the movement of bulk mail and a Satellite system that tracks the progress of the couriers (ATP 1-0.2, 2017). The sustainment brigade SPO HROB offers MMT operational directives, while ESC SPO HROB offers them technical guidance.

Theatre Gateway Personnel Accountability Team (TG PAT)

The TG PAT is responsible for handling PA operations for the Inter-theatre APOD. The team receives technical support from HROB and the HRSC. (ATP 1-0.2, 2017). The unit can work with HR companies in supporting multinational forces and US government agencies.


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