Sample Hr Management Paper on Job Posting Creation in Facebook

Social media

Social media refers to websites and applications that enable users to generate and share content or to partake in social networking. Due to advancements in technology and communication over the years, social media sites have not only increased but also opened up new possibilities such as their use by organizations as a recruitment tool. They include Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, Instagram, and Twitter among others. Since they are many, organizations that have options to choose from to suit what they are looking for, and with their ability to reach people from far and wide they have become very useful. Organizations such as Marriot International, Walt Disney, Dell, Taco Bell, and Sodexo have successfully used social media to recruit employees.

Job Posting Creation in Facebook

For a job post in social media to reach the intended target is not enough as it also needs to attract people who can do the job advertised and as such it should list the requirement, location, advantages of the job and a call location on how to reach the employer or the organization’s human resource department for more information about the job. For example:

Teachers needed urgently in New York Academy, should have a teacher registration certificate, will be paid well and the interview will be from Thursday at 8 in the morning. For more information, call (give the contact number)

Employers who use Social Media as a Recruiting Tool

First, comes Marriott International, an organization that deals in hospitality and is known to employ thousands. Its aim is to provide efficient services that will ensure that the customers not only have a great time during their stay but also have an experience that they will not forget. In addition to that, its philosophy of putting people first has enabled its associates to develop and thrive which in turn benefits their customers. Since it is all over the world, it employs thousands of people in positions such as cleaning, organization, and leisure industry. Therefore, due to its expansion, it has successfully used Facebook as a recruitment tool for employees because that’s where most of those who fit its employee criteria are found. Additionally, its recruitment page not only showcases what it’s like to work at Marriot but also encourages interaction which is very attractive. Moreover, it updates its webpage with company events and achievements that only go to the company but also to the employees acting as an incentive inspiring people to work there.

Then, there is Walt Disney which is another organization that has successfully used social media to recruit people. It started with cartoons but it has now incorporated animation a move that social media has facilitated.  As a cartoon network, they share content that we can relate with thus are loved by many. Therefore, they use Facebook, Linked In, and YouTube to recruit characters, park photographers among other positions, and have been successful because they are a brand that shares stories with morals that can be watched by people of all ages making them an ideal employer.

Lastly, there is Dell which uses Facebook to not only recruit employees but also show how it treats them. Since it is a company that develops, sells, repairs computers and related products it is already knowledgeable about technology and it used it to recruit people with brilliant minds to work and improve its products.

Differences in creating a job posting for monster or career builder versus social media

While Monster and CareerBuilder are the world’s leading job posting sites, social media are platforms used not just for job advertisement but to share any information.  However, in order to create a job posting using Monster or CareerBuilder, one needs to know the hiring needs, budget, and the size of the business. Conversely, in social media, job postings are made by anyone stating what is required and those interested make the applications and all one needs to post a job is to be online.

Job postings in Monster or career builders are not free whereas one can post a job on social media for free. Nevertheless, although they are expensive to post in, Monster and CareerBuilder’s provide an applicant tracking system that is not available on social media. They are also excellent as they pinpoint the most suitable talent for employers, unlike social media whereby anyone can apply for the advertised job as long as they have the qualifications making it tasking to search for the most suitable employee.


Social media are a great tool to use to recruit customers as they are not only cheap and easy to use but also reach people globally which is very helpful as talented and qualified people from all over the world are employed.