Sample HR Management Report on Job Description

Job Description

Generally, banks are more than any other business. They drive the economy, fund corporations, offer loans to the needful and also safeguard an individual’s hard-earned money. Emirates National Bank of Dubai (NBD) is among the top banks in the United Arab Emirates. It offers both business and retail banking and numerous other monetary services. This paper outlines the Job description of a bank branch manager of the Emirates National Bank of Dubai (United Arab Emirates yearbook 2005).

Job Title

Bank Manager

Position Summary

The Bank manager is in charge of and accountable for the entire bank branch. This includes the cash in the assigned branch and the management of the branch. He/she makes all the decisions regarding management, including the supervision of all the daily operations. He/she is also expected to define the monthly, quarterly as well as annual targets. It is the manager’s obligation to help the staff members to put in more effort in achieving the defined targets (V.S.P. Rao, 1999).

The manager has to understand the functions of all the departments of the bank. Departments in the Emirates National Bank of Dubai consist of the loan sector, the cash unit, the online banking branch among other minor departments (V.S.P. Rao, 1999).

Job Requirement and Qualification

Education: A bachelor’s degree in banking operations, work experiences in corporate banking as a diploma holder, economics, a professional diploma in banking practice as well as a manager, and a foundation degree in banking practice management. A degree in business administration will be an added advantage.

Experience: Approximately five years of work experience as well as the skill of running a department.

Other skills:

  • Additional finance related degrees may be an added advantage
  • Should be updated with the current guidelines set by the regulatory bodies for the banking institutions
  • Should have the skills of driving employees towards professional excellence
  • Should be zealous to work in a goal-driven environment and take initiatives to achieve the bank’s stated goals (Cushway, 2008)

Supervisory Responsibilities

Since the bank manager is in charge of the entire branch, he/she has to supervise the functioning of each department to ensure the proper execution of tasks in all departments. The managers directly contact the heads of the various sections and is in charge of delegating duties (Cushway, 2008). He/she is responsible for reviewing daily trade summaries and compliance procedures.

Fiscal Responsibilities

The Fiscal responsibilities of a bank manager at the Emirates National Bank of Dubai include keeping an eye on all the transactions that take place in the bank. He/she has to approve all transactions that involve a very large amounts of money. The manager has to confirm that all the documents are in order before approving such transactions (V.S.P. Rao, 1999).

The manager is also responsible for making daily reports for all the transactions within a day. He/she has to confirm if the accounts have tallied or not. The busiest time for the manager is normally during the financial year ending. Managers have to balance every account and compile reports to be submitted to the corporate department (Cushway, 2008).

Internal/External Contacts

The manager has to routinely contact the heads of the departments and some of the customers who specifically have larger transactions. It is also the duty of the branch manager to meet with representatives from external agencies when necessary (McNaughton & Barltrop, 1992).

Working Conditions/Environment

The manager is required to work from 8AM to 5PM from Monday to Friday every week. Once in a while he/she may be required to also work on Saturday mornings (McNaughton & Barltrop, 1992). A manager should maintain a professional dress code while in the office.

Job Duties/ Responsibilities

  • Managing the whole branch of the Emirates National bank of Dubai that one is assigned
  • Managing all the different sections of the bank
  • Ensuring that the necessary security measures are in place as banks are normally vulnerable to robberies and break ins
  • Making a review of the security footage incase there was a prior break in
  • Assigning tasks to workers and placing them in the appropriate departments
  • Taking reports for every department at the end of each day
  • Monitoring cash transactions that are taking place
  • Daily tallying of the balance of cash
  • Checking customer complaints and solving their problems as fast as possible
  • Establishing a business plan for the branch that one is assigned
  • Training the staff on how to respond to the clients’ needs
  • Approving all the major cash transactions that take place in the bank after going through all the documents and ensuring they are correct
  • Balancing all the books at the end of every financial year (McNaughton & Barltrop, 1992)

Career Scope

A bank manager at Emirates National Bank of Dubai can earn an average monthly salary of about $35,000. Apart from the basic salary, the manager is eligible for paid holidays, insurance and other relevant allowances and benefits. However, salary may vary with the location,as well as the size of the bank.


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