Sample Human Resource Management Paper on Customer service

Customer service is an act of taking care of the customers needs by providing and
delivering professional , helpful , high quality service and assistance before ,during and
after the customers requirements are met. Customer service is a practice that is highly
related to human resource management and also to companies managers. This relationship
is shown in various areas. The most evident is when a human resource manager is set
to interview job applicants for various positions in the business setups.
Human resource departments in businesses are tasked with various responsibilities
which among them are handling insurance issues , training of employees and also hiring
new staff. These areas require good skills in customer services. The managers main
customers are their employees and therefore they ought to treat them in the most
humane means(Batt, 2002) . The managers should display customer service skills such as
patience , persuasive speaking skills, clear communication skills and using clear
communication skills when conveying any message pertaining the firm. The managers
should always ensure that they deal with their employees as internal customers so that
they will be able to utilize their utmost potential which will subsequently lead to
achieving the mission of the business.

As a manager, I have always considered my employees and job applicants as my
first customers. However , the businesses partners and other customers have always been
held in high esteem. Skills such as listening and reviewing my employees ideas on
improving the business , allowing them have their off days and motivating them through
good pays and being their role models have highly paid off. Having worked as a human
resource manager for some time now has given me the experience to work and relate
with the employees not just as their boss but also as a team member. My clients have
also been on the receiving end of my experience. I always ensure that I communicate to
them concerning our products and giving them the most accurate information pertaining
anything that that may be an area of interest to them.

In the recent past , I have interacted with job applicants for a post that the
company had advertised. It was a good experience handling the fresh and energetic
graduates and learning a few new ideas from them. I also guided them on the areas
they needed to improve their marketability and to put them at a better position to
acquire the jobs that they desire.


Running head……Customer service


RATES, AND SALES GROWTH. Academy of Management Journal, 45(3), pp.587-597.


Running head……Customer service