Sample Human Resource Paper on Hancock Manufacturing Brochure

Hancock Human Resource

Being among the top-aiming organizations in the manufacturing industry, Hancock manufacturing strives to create a strong workforce with the common goals and visions that are in line with the overall organizational structure as well as the laid down objectives. One of the roles of the human resource department is therefore to inculcate a working environment with the ethical dimension that is internally and universally acceptable. The reason for this is embedded in the core pillars of quality development, universal inclusion, and the satisfaction of stakeholders within the organization.

Changes in ethics

The application of ethics is a concept that involves a multifaceted approach towards handling the working environment and the people involved; the workers. The human resource department not only strives to create a conducive working environment in the organization, but also creates an avenue through which only top-notch and qualified employees are included in the organization’s functional structure. The main reason for this move is based on the fact that only qualified individuals will match the changes in ethical demands within the contemporary workplace.

Highly qualified individuals will always develop an understanding of the emerging and existing ethical issues that are a required by the ever-dynamic working environment. It is through the practice of important tenets of ethics that an individual will exercise integrity. This concept of integrity is based on the ability of an individual to work in a straightforward manner without supervision or being under watch. The ripple effect of this is the positivity in the trends of productivity, relations with superiors, and other employees as well as customers or any other stakeholder in the organization. Work ethics streamlines the workers in the organization in terms of time keeping, exercise of respect, and development of effective beneficial decision-making processes.

Organization Culture and Ethics

In line with the objectives and the vision statement of the organization, it is worth noting that the practice of ethical working practices form the pillars of organizational culture within and without the establishment. This comes out as the basic role of the Hancock human resource department. In order to bring on board all rounded, qualified, and ethic adherent employees, the department acts as a percolator of persons such that at the end of the day, all incoming individuals into the working environment require high level of ethical adherence backgrounds besides the professional and educational achievements.

Moreover, the inclusion of the elements of ethics in the organizational culture allows for the motivation of the employees such that they cannot only strive to perform the tasks accorded to them to drive the objectives of the organization further, but also keep them on track with their personal and career goals. Application of current trends in the organization through the hierarchical structures enables each employee to participate in the overall development of the organization while, at the same time actively creating an avenue for their personal and career development. This, as established by a number of studies, is the most important aspect of motivation and harmonious operations within the working environment. Thus, from this career fair, it is worth noting that Hancock manufacturing seeks to indulge the services of skillful, professional, motivated, and ethics-oriented men and women to join a competitive and well rewarding labor force organization. This is very important for the development of any society.