Sample International Relation Essay on Cultural Exploration

Cultural Exploration

The Salt Lake City is one of the few cities in United States that is inhabited by various ethnic groups. The location of the city makes it an ideal touristic destination for both domestic and international tourism. Many cultural, multi-cultural, and artistic activities exist around the city in different locations to welcome new immigrants and tourists. These events help join people from different parts of the world together as well as keep the cultural backgrounds alive as they assimilate the American culture. The Asian community, costly the Indians are the most notable ethnic community that one easily notices around the city for various reasons. First, Indians have a strong cultural background that makes it hard for people from that community to embrace different cultural practices. As a result, Indians have various places within the city where they gather to share their common norms through festivals and other social activities for the purposes of uniting all Indians living in America (Ulrich, 2010). The aim of this paper is to present a personal experience I encountered at urban Indian center of salt lake in an Indian community event.

Attending these events makes one taste the feeling of being a stranger and a foreigner. As stated earlier, the purposes of these events are to enhance the coming together of the American Indian ethnic group; therefore, things are done completely in an Indian setting. Despite the fact that some Indians are now educated and have acquired the American way of life, majority of this ethnic community remain illiterate. The events are conducted in the different Indian languages and for a person of different ethnic community all one can do is watch. The language, the dressing, the mannerism, and the attachment to cultural practices are some of the things that make one feel like a foreigner among this ethnic community. Discrimination and class segregation is quite familiar during these events (Water, 2012). People engage with those that belong to their class thus making people from other ethnic groups completely lonely.

Indians speak many different languages, therefore making it hard for one to master or learn the language with efficacy. I do not speak any of the languages so most of my experience was based on observation. One notable difference in the way the Indians do things different from the Americans is in the greetings. People are greeted differently based on their class, age and the position they hold in the society. Other than the verbal greetings, one has to press their hands together and smile to great someone respectfully (Robinson, 2006). In most cases, people just do the gestures without verbalizing it and it is enough. Additionally, the Asian cuisines are so different from those of most Americans. Indians take mostly light foods with many sugary items. They do not seem to care so much about weight gain as it with the Americans.

Adapting to the Indian way of life is rather difficult as compared to other ethnic groups. The Indians are authentic in everything they do regardless of where they perform their events. I felt like a foreigner during the whole event as I watched people make jokes that I could not understand. However, the Asian outfit made the whole event colorful. An outfit that is never affected by fashion like most of other attires associated with other ethnic communities does. Generally, the Asian way of life is quite interesting and worth experiencing.




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