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A police is a person given power by the state to ensure law and order by limiting civil conflicts and protecting properties. The power given to police officers may involve use of force whenever it is demanded to ensure order. Unlike the military, specialize in handling external forces affecting the nation, the police concentrate on internal issues that affect the state. Normally, they are not engaged in war with the enemies of the state. However, they handle problems that affect the resident of their state. Police service normally has different categories.  These categories are divided into two groups: preventive unit and detective unite. During the training, there are normally common activities for the two groups and sometimes-different lesson that are meant for specialization. The detective unite focus their specialization in methods of identifying crime while the preventive unit focus on way of tackling criminals. Police detectives conduct thorough investigations and once they are certain about the criminal activities, they involve preventive unit to handle the issues. Police officers are commissioned to control traffic, and ensure safety on the roads, guard private and public properties and guard inmates.

Police as a Career

To choose policing as a career, it is quite important to be conversant with the requirements that are involved. Most people do not consider policing as a career because they find it challenging and difficult. However, few choose it as a career out of passion and other are compelled to become police officers once they fail to fit in the careers of their choice. It is important to understand that a career is something that a person chooses out of passion or free will (Occupational Outlook Handbook 38).

Therefore, in order to become a reliable police, there are certain qualities and skills that a person should have. A police officer must be willing to serve all kinds of people irrespective of their color, race, customs or religion. Police are expected to portray fairness and justice to the people they serve. To be able to handle conflicts between parties appropriately, police must have a policy of neutrality, such that he/she does not favor one party out of personal reasons. The person intending to pursue policing as a career must portray certain skills. They include; great knowledge of federal systems, local and state law, strong communication skills, possess perceptiveness, leadership and good judgment skills.

A police should be conversant with constitutional law in order to be able to identify mistakes among the civilians. One of the main functions of policing is ensuring order is maintained in nation. The state places that mandate of protecting its properties to the police service. Normally, the police service men and women are properly trained and give enough tools that can help them detect, confront and deal with crime. Their training involves physical exercise, theoretical lessons and practical lessons where they handle tool that pertains their job. Therefore, in order for the police to be able to undergo this training, it expected that they should have attained a background academic qualification of high school level. The high school graduate must also complete policing academy training programs in order to be able to fit in the service unit appropriately. Some agencies may also need high qualifications like a degree in either criminal justice or maybe criminology. The starting mean salary is between $24,020 and $48,190 per annum (Occupational Outlook Handbook 45).

There are many challenges that police encounter in their occupational mandate of maintaining law and order. One of the challenges faced by police in their work includes uncooperative civilians. In some cases, civilians become hostile to the police and become rebellious in a way that compels the police to use force to enforce order. In other cases, police are attacked by gangs when they are not aware. When the civilians fail to cooperate with the police service, the service men and women become vulnerable to attacks from gangs and rebellious groups. However, in most case, the civilians help the police in detective service by providing vital information that guides the police in their investigation.


How Do You Start This Career?

To begin this career, it is important to prepare in advance. Once a person identifies policing as a career, a person should start focusing on some aspect that would usher him/her amicably in the career. This may include considering exercise as part of personal responsibility in order to keep fit. In addition, taking lesson that might support the career, for example, lessons relating to criminology, justice and detective systems. This helps in preparing the mind in advance and natures the passion required for the career. In addition, a person should consider watching movies and documentaries that encourage him or her to have great passion for career.



What are the most things you like in this career?

What I like about this career is that it keeps a person focused and sensitive to local and state law to ensure fairness and justice. The career involves good interacting with people from different backgrounds, and therefore equips a person with various knowledge and experience. Actually, the police must interact with different civilians on day to day as they perform their duties.

What is the thing you dislike it in this career?

The only thing that I dislike in this career in the stigma associated with it. The media in most cases put the police service on the lime light on bad issues. There are many good things that the police do which the media neglect but once they have information on certain misconduct on the police service, they quickly run to make judgments and conclusions which distort the public trust that take a lot of sacrifice to build. In doing so, the police are exposed to public ridicule and this renders them vulnerable to attacks from rebellious and rowdy gangs. The negative perception from civilian about the police makes the work become difficult and quite demanding.

What are the Challenges in your job?

Normally, in every career there are challenges that must be expected. Therefore, challenges should not shun a person from pursuing a career like policing. Some of the challenges involves includes taking great risk to handle dangerous gangs, negative public image about the career, much sacrifice involved in conducting some activities, little public support due to uncooperative civilians, and lack of sufficient tools to handle technical assignments. Despite the many challenges that are associated with this career, there are a many good things associated with it as well.

What is the advice you give me if I what to join to this job?

 The best advice for anyone joining policing career is that he/she should be focused in order to honor the mission and objectives of this career. A person should not be guided by selfish intentions, which might result to corruption. In most reports, police service is considered among the most corrupt units of the state. This normally happens because majority of the people who joined this career were guided by selfish ambitions and others were compelled to join the services unit and therefore they lack responsibility and accountability in their service.













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