Sample Law Paper on Should there be More Attention Paid to Animal Rights Defense

Considering the over aching desire to indulge in safaris, zoo visits, and pet ownership, the love
for animals is profound. In as much as these factors are at play, animal cruelty in the 21 st century
is still happening, through experiments and animal cruelty, based on the notion that these beings
are animals. Interest groups advocating for animal rights are currently under threat from animal
research leaders who choose to ignore the plight to animal rights.
Recent UK legislation advocates for animal welfare, calling for fair treatment of animals, by
recognizing that animals are also sentient beings (“Animal Welfare Legislation,” 2014).
Moreover, animal rights defense is not a new topic. Nations across the globe, from Europe to
Africa, have been amending their legislation to prompt for animal rights (Eisen, 2018). Whereas
more and more nations are actively involved in the animal rights movement, a concern has is
raised upon critics who are publicly demeaning its importance. (Neurology Today, 2018)
To revamp the need for animal rights defense, groups lobbying for animal rights need to
revitalize their attention towards addressing these concerns; to revive the bloated image of
animal representation across the globe (Neurology Today, 2018). A review by Berkey states that
if our ideology towards animal rights changes, our moral and justice stance on how we view
these beings will gradually improve (Berkey, 2014). Such ideas need to be advocated, with
public sensitization taking center stage, and condoning of animal cruelty remaining paramount.
If PETA and related animal rights lobby groups, amicably champion for animal rights, the
equivocal treatment of animals will then bear greater meaning. A clear realignment of strategies
and policies needs to occur, to attend to concerns regarding the animal rights defense movement.

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