Sample Law Term Paper on Legal System at Pemberton Square

Legal System at Pemberton Square

The superior court at Pemberton Square in Boston has a legal system that involves clerks who assist to ensure that individuals acquire justice. The law clerks under the judiciary travel to execute their legal duties to different assigned counties when the need arises. At the moment, this court has the toughest rules in the US that forbid citizens from recording other people secretly. This court consists of drafted laws that prohibit individuals from taking photographs of others who are nude without their consent.

Based on the law applied at the Supreme Court, it punishes people involved in such acts and sends them to prison for a duration of two and a half years. Alternatively, individuals who indulge in such crimes are subjected to pay a fine that costs them $5,000. In addition, the legal system at this superior court claims that upskirting that entails taking photographs secretly against the wish of persons involved is unlawful.

The superior court however rules out the marriage bill that supports a union of same-sex couples.  This court deprives benefits of federal acknowledgment to spouses of similar sex when married. According to the law imposed by this court, individuals who join marriages of same-sex will be disadvantaged in society. For instance, they will not acquire a marital deduction, or have the chance to go for medical leaves that other heterosexual spouses are offered.

This ruling has an impact on couples who stay in Massachusetts and are gay. The reason is that in 2003, it became the pioneer state to legalize gay marriage that is now unaccepted. This legal institution also handles family laws by concentrating on two major aspects of their system. This involves dissolution in families and violence that contribute to poverty especially among females and children in society. The Supreme Court at Pemberton Square initiates family law into its system by offering legal aid to victims who suffer from domestic problems and earn low wages in society. The court’s mission to apply this law is to ensure that it restores peace to families affected by ensuring they stay in a sustainable economy that is free from abuse.

The Superior court also handles a wide range of policy and legal issues that hinders the occurrence of domestic violence. They apply the law that caters to the victims by guaranteeing them independence from domestic hostility; hence, improving their physical and emotional conditions. Law at Boston’s superior court also embraces direct clients by offering them the services they require. In addressing such clients, the court encounters challenges such as language barriers whereby they find it difficult to express themselves in English. In some circumstances, this superior court handles clients with mental issues that arise from abuse, making them find it difficult to advocate their issues on their own. To curb this situation, the court provides services that enable the victims to have a successful experience while using this legal system.

In addition, the legal system at Pemberton Square grants safety risks to individuals affected by domestic violence to save them from abusive relationships. Through this court procedure, victims acquire a break from people who abuse their rights and protect them from facing their anger especially when the family issue becomes public. The attorneys who handle family law cases at this court ensure that they defend their rights and safety. Furthermore, the superior court takes part in legal counseling when handling family matters by preventing abuse. This legal system also embraces a partnership with the community where it creates relationships with organizations or hospitals to reach victims who suffer from domestic violence. I also observed that this court incorporates law that impacts advocacy and permits the law unit that address family issues to ensure that all victims of violence get justice to their satisfaction. To enable them to acquire broader legal assistance, the court represents the client’s case to courts of appeal that cater to victims in administrative and legislative matters.

My opinion of the observation at Pemberton Square legal institution is that it has a strong legal system because it permits the judicial clerks to serve clients in different counties. The outcome is that the court increases its efficiency when dealing with crime. Analyzing the crimes this court deals with such as upskirting, I concur with their form of punishments whereby the law offenders are fined $5000 dollars or imprisoned for two and a half years.  Based on my perspective on up skirting, this form of punishment issued by the superior court assists to eradicate criminal activities that involve secret photographing of individuals without their knowledge.  I also find it reasonable when the court fails to support gay marriage by denying the couple involved the federal benefits such as medical leaves. In my opinion, this is a correct stand because gay marriage is a disgrace to society that should never be encouraged by all means.

From my observation, this superior court incorporates the family unit law in its legal system. I support this principle because it saves majority of individuals who suffer from domestic violence in families. For instance, victims, in this case, are often children and their mothers but when the court intervenes it caters to their welfare and saves them from violence risks. In my view, it is right when this court advocates for family matters by cooperating with the community to aid them to identify the root of the problem that allows the victims to attain justice.

The strength of the legal system at the Pemberton superior court is that it caters to the rights of minors in society. For instance, victims of violence benefit from this court when they get the opportunity to expose to the public the violent challenges they encounter. This legal system applies family laws that sets free the victims and punishes the perpetrators. Furthermore, it forbids acts such as up skirting and grants the public their rights to privacy. The strength of laws applied at this legal institution is that they maintain values of the society by discouraging gay relationships and marriages. However, this legal system has also weakness in that if a client is not satisfied with their ruling, he or she can proceed to the court of appeal to seek justice. Another weakness is that the system fails to have a department that handles special cases. For instance, it has not reserved a place where clients with mental disabilities can share their problems and receive assistance. Instead, all clients are handled in the same manner and those that have a language barrier problem end up being treated unfairly because they can’t express themselves properly.