Sample Literature Review Paper on Development of Guy Montag

As the story Fahrenheit 451 starts, Guy Montag is displayed as a rigid and a man who
fails to imagine things for himself. The story also reveals Montag as a mindless servant who did
what he was told. However, as the story continues, he starts realizing the world around him and
starts questioning everything around him. This is evidenced when says that “he does not talk to
things but rather talks the meaning in things” (Bradbury) Focusing on the provided highlights,
this desertions aims at treating the thesis that Guy Montag is the central character who holds
all the happening in story novel Fahrenheit 415
Throughout the novel, Montag serves a great role in developing the plot of the book since
he is the only character who is developed from the start and end of the story. Fahrenheit starts
with the main character Montag being a firefighter who did not give any concern to individual’s
marriage, or job (Filler, p. 528). All that Montag cared about was living a good live as supported
by the quote “ an individual should stuff one’s eyes with wonder and live as if one will drop dead
in ten seconds” (Bradbury). As noted in the in the first paragraph Montag live transformed after
the individual met Clarisse, a girl who was open minded and free thinking girl.
After meeting the girl, Montag is forced by the girl to question the world around him
mostly focusing topics such as book burning and his happiness. Later on, the character starts

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reading books that he had taken from the fires (Filler, p. 530). The principal driving force that
made Montag start reading the books was after he witnessed an old woman stay in a burning
house for her books that made him conclude that there must be something special in the books.
According to Bradbury, “books contain something that individual’s cannot imagine a reason that
makes a woman stay in a burning house”
The moderate development Guy Montag displays throughout the story depicts the
outcome of the story. The positive development that the main character Montag displayed was
inflicted to him after the individual met with different characters such as Captain Beatty among
others who affected Montag throughout the story (Filler, p. 540). The mentioned characters
changed the way in which Montag thought and eventually transformed the main character in that
he left behind the life he had led before to seek knowledge elsewhere.
From the facts provided in this dissertation it is clear that Guy Montag has been covered
from the start of the story to the final chapter of the novel Fahrenheit 415. The thesis that Guy
Montag is the central character who holds all the happening in story novel Fahrenheit 415 is
proven true. This is because others characters who take part in the story are developed from the
activities that Guy Montag undertake. For instance the Clarisse makes is displayed as a
concerned girl who talks sense to Guy Montag thus making him to perceive live in a different

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