Sample Management Essay on Right to Strike

Right to Strike

Strike refers to the temporary withdrawal of services by workers with the aim of airing their grievances or make a deal with the employers. In the United States, the right to strike is under the Labor Management Relations Act which restricts the activities and power of the labor unions. As a result, strikes are rare in the public sector as compared to the private sector. However, in most of the developing nations, despite the existence of similar regulations, the public sector still experiences go-slows and strikes which has, in turn, led to brain drain and low productivity.

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Should Public Employees have the same Right to Strike as private-sector employees?

In my opinion, public employees should be granted the right to strike because it gives them a platform to voice their views without the risk of termination. It also gives them a platform to fight for better pay and working conditions which when granted, leads to employee satisfaction and better service provision to the customers. For example, when teachers strike due to poor facilities and their demands are met, the students benefit as their facilities are improved hence a conducive learning environment is developed.

Additionally, public workers’ right to strike empowers them to speak against abusive employers ensuring that they are not taken advantage of by their employers. Also, they get to know their employers better during the negotiations and fight for their rights.

The right to strike gives the public employees negotiating power and job safety. Consequently, it guarantees that they will get retirement benefits when they retire and better health care when sick.


Although strikes can affect the economy negatively and be costly when they are not peaceful, public workers should have the right to strike for better wages, better working conditions, and shorter working hours as they serve the public.


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