Sample Management Essay Paper on The X College

The X College is credited with training students in different courses. The college produces excellent students with relevant skills required in the job market. There is an in-depth evaluation and accreditation of the course contents to ensure the course equips the student with appropriate skills to improve their performance in employment. This makes the students graduating from X College to outstand among students from other colleges in the US. The curriculum of the college is also up-to-date to align the education at X College with the requirements of the government department of education.

The X College ensures the students develop in all life aspects. These include academics, social, sports, and discipline among others (Huisman and Pausits 89). There are different platforms where students interact socially, such as religious gatherings, entertainment events, picnics, trips, and cultural days among others. The students also participate in national events, such as environment, culture, cancer, and fun days. These gatherings help the students to interact with one another and with the outside world. Apart from socialization with friends at home, it is appropriate for the students to socialize with fellow students at school (Huisman and Pausits 103). The college encourages students to participate in sports and sporting events. The college requires each student to participate in at least one sport. This is to help in breaking the monotony of classwork. Sports also help in body exercises, which are vital in the growth of a person. Some of the students have discovered their talents in sports by participating in different sports available at X College. Currently, the sport is one of the best-paying jobs globally. Therefore, parents cannot look down upon sports in favor of academics when seeking appropriate colleges for their children (Huisman and Pausits 97). Phoenix University does not emphasize sports and social gatherings for students.

The scheduling of classes aims at ensuring the students are not burdened with classwork. This also helps in reducing the boredom of classwork. This is because the students have ample time to engage in co-curricular activities, volunteering, and income-generating activities to raise funds for school fees and when studying (Sharma 110). The students can easily learn and work, which will help the students to gain the necessary experience required in the employment market. Since the classes occupy four days in a week, Bobby can work at the store in the remaining three days. Moreover, Bobby will have ample time to work at the store after completing his education at X College.

The phoenix university focuses on academics only and ignores the other aspects of life. This may be detrimental to the social life of the students (Sharma122; Huisman and Pausits 145). The university ignores the other important aspects of human being development, such as sports and socialization. Although Bobby may get two hours daily to work at the store when studying at Phoenix, this may affect his social life. Moreover, when Bobby settles to learn after working at the store, this is likely to reduce his output since he is tired. Bobby may also lack enough time to concentrate on his studies resulting in a workload of schoolwork. Although Phoenix seems to flourish in producing excellent students in business, the students lack some of the important aspects of life, such as practical experience in the industry. This is because the university concentrates on providing academic skills and ignores practical skills.


Bobby would appreciate joining the college and pursuing his tertiary education. Bobby will derive various benefits from X College in academics and co-curricular activities, such as sports and socialization. This will help him to learn different things that will help in uniform development academically, physically, and psychologically. Bobby will also get time to work at the store on the days when there are no classes. Thus, he will be able to raise money for trips and entertainment as stated in the letter. The university would also like to reassure Bobby that he would get employment after graduating since many employers seek graduates from X College because they are trained well.

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