Sample Management Paper on Organizational Behavior and Management

The company uses a very unusual strategy to ensure low turnover of employees. The company has been implementing these strategies for several decades and they have proved to be effective in maintaining their employees. Exceptional employee benefits is one of the strategies that has been used by REI to attract and retain employees. Additionally, the company believes in and values the outdoor community. This has been through various outdoor activities that the company organizes which help in promotion of social and environmental relationships. Additionally, the company values employees well-being and also gives back to the community by funding nonprofit organizations.

Question 2

REI uses social media to communicate its culture by giving employees a “Yah Day”, which is an extra paid day off, where employees have the freedom of sharing on social media activities conducted during the day off. Sharing such experiences ensure the company attracts potential new employees and customers to the company.

Question 3

In my professional experiences, most organizations d not value employees as much as REI does. Many of the companies that I have worked in do not view employees as the people that they are but just as objects that are there to benefit the organization. Based on my experience therefore, the REI is on the other side of the coin and this is a culture that organizational should employ to ensure low employee turnout.

Question 4

REI philosophy which is literally an employee friendly culture and ensuring that employees are retained supports my leadership style because I believe that for an organization to be successful their needs to be policies put in place whose main focus is the well-being of employees.