Sample Managing Office Romance by Human Resources Managers

Managing Office Romance by Human Resources Managers

Human resources management is currently a very challenging field of specialization. Many managers find it very difficult to effectively manage an increasingly diverse group of employees. Different gender categories, social classes, and races with different beliefs continue to make office environments complex and difficult to manage. Office romance is a common phenomenon in many work places, sometimes, making it difficult to maintain productivity among many employees. The main concern for human resources managers is to improve and maintain an upward trend in the productivity of their employees. In this paper, I have discussed effective management strategies that can be employed by human resources managers to solve cases involving office romance without interfering with the productivity of the persons involved. The entire discussion will be done in reference to the video ‘office romance’ in order to highlight a practical course of action for modern human resources management.

The video presents a rather complex situation that faces human resources managers in the current world. The situations presented in the video involve two company leaders, Abbe Willsby and Randall Keene, who had been involved in a romantic affair for at least six months. The company human resources manager, Bill, learns of their affair after Abbe walks into his office to accuse Keene of sexual harassment and threatens to sue both Keene and the company. Torn between pieces, Bill is faced with the need to make a rational decision and save the company’s reputation at the public domain, quench the ailing situation and maintain productivity among the employees under his leadership. Bill needs to adopt rational management strategies while coming up with proper solutions to the problem. The strategy is an appropriate management tool used by human resources managers to solve intriguing conflicts at work places. Rational management strategy is a stepwise procedure followed by managers to arrive to a rational solution for impending problem. The main steps involved in this type of management include: Recognizing the need for decision making 2. Defining the problem to be solved 3. Generating alternatives for the action plan 4. Evaluating identified alternatives for the planned actions5. Implementing solutions to identified problems and 6. Getting feedbacks from actions executed.

Regarding this strategy, a decision had to be made on the claims issued by Abbe against Keene and the company. A close analysis of the problem including an appropriate course of action would be sort, possibly by talking separately to both Abbe and Keene to gain an in- depth understanding of the underlying issues resulting into the commotion. The possible plans to be evaluated would be a transfer of either Abbe or Keene to other branches, retrenchment or relocation of the two parties involved to different departments. These must be done in line with the existing policy frameworks such as the employment acts to ensure that rationality is guaranteed to each party. Proper and adequate explanations should be given to each party about the selected plans of actions and the reasons behind them to eliminate biases and enhance management- employees understanding. Close examination of the situation and selection of an appropriate plan of action is, therefore, the sure guarantee of success in human resources management and maintenance of quality employees at the workplace.

In conclusion, work place romances must be handled with utter care to keep the productivity of each employee intact. It is, therefore necessary for the management to adopt proper strategies, among these, rational management in coming up with proper solutions. Selected plans of action must be in line with the existing regulatory frameworks to ensure legality.