Sample Marketing Admission Essay on Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz

In its quest to expand its global business, Mercedes has attempted to appeal to a broad array of customers. The car manufacturing company has in the recent past targeted women through the She’s Mercedes campaign and positioned the CLA model to appeal to the younger generation. The intention of Mercedes marketing campaigns is to appeal to more customers to promote sales.

The method used in the She’s Mercedes campaign was an online marketing technique in which the company developed a dedicated website. The website periodically displayed some of the successful and women capable of balancing life, work, and other commitments. The website targeting female consumers additionally provided a platform in which consumers could share ideas, preferences, and impressions. The website succeeded to position Mercedes as a brand that is primarily friendly to female buyers. The website also featured tools that elicited lifestyle responses and used an algorithm to match different models to the lifestyle and preference responses provided by prospective feminine customers.

There is different market segmentation that a company can consider when promoting its brands. The common segmentation includes geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral. The She’s Mercedes utilized demographic segmentation to target feminine members of the population. Per Trischler, Zehrer, and Westman demographic segmentation utilizes characteristics like age, race, and gender to promote a company’s brand (815). Mercedes was also able to organize social events offering networking opportunities featuring prominent successful women to appeal to the vast majority of female customers.

The CLA model was positioned to directly appeal to the younger generation using advanced digital innovative tools. The various social media platforms used to influence the audience include Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Popular celebrities like Case Neistat and Daisy Lowe were also featured in some of the shared videos proving that the colorful and exclusive CLA model was suited for all age groups. Mercedes has demystified the prevalent misconception that the CLA model is only meant for adult and older generations.

Mercedes Benz is one of the companies that have effectively utilized market segment strategy incorporating online and digital methods to gain more customers. In doing so, Mercedes has not lost its good image. The company has proved that social media and digital tools like websites can be used to appeal to younger and female demographics.

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