Sample Marketing Essay on Assessing Productivity

Assessing Productivity

The Voice of Customers in Determining the Productivity of Sales People

Customers should have a major voice in determining the productivity of sales people within an organization. In most cases, sales people act differently while dealing with their supervisors than when handling the customers. The customer is the king of the business; therefore, the performance of the sales people should be entirely based on their ability to serve the customers effectively. Giving the customer the major voice in such decisions ensures that an organization meets its target and serves the interest of the customers. Consequently, when customers are given the chance to express themselves within an organization they become loyal partners,  improving the profitability of the company. On the other hand, engaging customers in this manner helps to keep sales people focused on the business goals and objectives. Most importantly, valuing the views of customers in relation to the sales department of the organization ensures unity in a firm.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Linking Sales Force Compensation with Customer Feedback

Customers are essential stakeholders in an organization. The corporations of a customer or utter lack of it determines the ability of the firm to achieve its goals and objectives. Involving customers in decision-making and the use of customer feedback in an organization is an important thing for the 21st century organization. However, determining on how to act on such feedback is a major decision for an organization. The use of customer feedback in the compensation of sales people is an ideal move, but it depends with the nature of the organization. Consequently, an organization that uses customer feedback to allocate compensation must ensure that the market it serves has the right information concerning the business. The approach has both advantages and disadvantages. The most important benefit of using customer feedback to allocate compensation is that it motivates the sales people to improve their productivity levels. Additionally, using customer feedback encourages the sales people to focus on the goals of the organization, which in turn ensures that the firm achieves its intended objectives at the end of the day. On the other hand, the use of customer feedback to compensate sales people limits the creativity and innovativeness of the group. The lack of new ways of operation among the sales people retards the growth and development of the organization.

How to Gain Support for a Customer Feedback System from the Sales People and the Data Collection Method to Use

It is vital for the manager to acquire the consent of the sales people in using customer feedback systems. People do not like being spied on; therefore, acquiring the consent of the group ensures that both the manager and the sales team understand the purpose of the system. The first step towards achieving the sales person’s approval is through training. The manager must train and educate the sales people of the purpose of customer feedback within an organization. Additionally, a manager should inform the sales people the benefits of using customer feedback for the team and the use of self-evaluation in an organization. Customer feedback provides an avenue for individual assessment within an organization. The best data collection mechanism to use is the use of phone calls or face-to-face conversations. The mechanism allows the manager to understand the levels of customer satisfaction through tone and facial expressions.

Why Is “Understanding of Our Business” an Important Criterion of Measurement?

The criterion is important because it is the basis of an organizational success. The failure to understand the purposes of a business is detrimental to the success of a firm. The sales people must be aware of the values that the company stands for to enhance effectiveness of the company.