Sample Marketing Essay on Radio Advertisement

Radio Advertisement

Marketing strategy plays a significant role in promoting the sale of particular goods or services. The method of advertising, such as the use of social media, newspapers and magazines, billboards, posters, television, and Radio, influences the sales of products. Additionally, means of advertising depend on entrepreneurs’ understanding of their customers, market research, the market segment targeted, how to counter competition, and the budget of marketing strategy. While modern technology has led to the introduction of various advertising platforms, radio advertising continues to be one of the most effective media, mainly due to its broad coverage and cost-efficiency.

Radio is still an effective method of advertising goods and services because of its ability to reach many people within a short time. Many and diverse people are reached at the same time, thereby leading to a large potential customer base to persuade them to buy particular products. Additionally, radio channels have selected groups of listeners, making it easier to use a chosen channel for advertising goods and services to a specific target group (Katz, 2016). This avenue of advertising is also relatively cheaper compared to television and magazines, which are more expensive because they require the use of high-quality graphics. Moreover, the use of audio creativity in radio advertising allows delivering a lot of revenue for a product due to quick short-term sales responses.

 Radio advertisement relies heavily on audio creativity to deliver the adverts of products or services. Products that can be advertised have to be products that do not require specific taste and graphic pictures to convince their target audience to buy. Products such as cell phones need just a mention of their particular features to enable the listeners to get information about the products. Additionally, advertising services such as medical care and live performance of musicians is convenient as the audience needs to get information on the services to be offered at the mentioned areas (Nissa et al., 2016). However, the products advertised on Radio must be age conscious and have to be adhering to the moral norms of the society according to the advertising ethics and laws.

Several products cannot be promoted through radio advertising especially those that require graphical pictures for their audience. Products that require images and good graphics such as lipsticks need visuals for a customer to buy them hence unsuitable for radio advertising. Additionally, products and services such as how to use mobile banking applications require step by step visual explanation to convince customers to use it. The target audience will need to see how the app works to be convinced of their value for money to such ventures (Nissa, 2016). Moreover, introducing new products or services to the audience will be unsuitable for advertising via Radio as the target market may need to see it before deciding to look for it from the sellers or service providers.


Radio advertisements are becoming more popular among business organizations due to their convenience, relatively cheap cost, and fast speed of reaching the target audience. Additionally, radio advertisements are popularly considered as they assist in achieving a wide variety of potential customers. However, not all products or services are allowed for radio advertisements, as some are going against the acceptable political, moral, religious, and health laws of a state(Risti, 2020). Moreover, some products and services require customers to test and feel, which cannot be fully presented in audio advertisements using Radio.


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