Sample Marketing Paper on Awfully Chocolate Thai Market Report

Currently, Awfully Chocolate has a presence in Singapore and many cities in China. However, it still does not have any presence in other Asian cities.

PLEASE Read all Powerpoint before starting writing, you need to use some concepts and contents from the courses powerpoint.

For the purpose of this assignment, let’s assume the company plans to penetrate the Thai market. The management approaches you for advice on the best way to do so. Since it is new to the market, public awareness of its brand name is low. The company is also unsure how Thai consumers feel about their products and how to position the brand in the Thai market. However, their success in the Singapore and China convinced them that there is a market potential.
Assuming the role of a brand consultant, please do an in-depth analysis of the Thai market for the company. Propose a branding strategy to help Awfully Chocolate penetrate the market. Please be specific about your target audience, brand positioning and the branding campaign you would run.
Grading of your report will focus on the comprehensiveness of your analysis and the creativity of your recommendation. There is no right or wrong answer. So it does not matter if your opinion differs from mine or your classmates. The most important thing is your recommendations and conclusions should be backed by good reasoning and logic. Feel free to research for secondary information or collect primary data to back your argument. Remember to cite the article or analysis in your report to avoid plagiarism.