Sample Marketing Paper on Ethical Dilemma

Ethical Dilemma

In this case study, Chris finds himself in a dilemma. He is facing challenging options of disclosing secret information about Park manufacturing to Pat, a purchasing director at Alcorn. Moreover, Chris is facing a situation in which he may be forced to reveal little information about Park Products to Pat to stay within the confidentiality agreement. Consequently, Chris can avoid disclosing information about Park manufacturers and lose the lucrative business of Alcorn. If I was Chris, I would decide to disclose minor information about Park manufacturers while hiding fundamental information to stay within the confidentiality agreement. I believe this option serves the common good.

The decision is supported by the ethical principle of justice describing the moral obligation of a person to act as a fair adjudicator between two competing claims. The principle of justice reinforces that business firms should adhere to morally acceptable laws (Schwartz 45). In this case, Park manufacturing is a direct competitor of Alcorn manufacturing. It is only fair for Chris to prevent the unfair advantage that Alcorn may have if Park’s sensitive information is leaked. Here, Chris is the adjudicator responsible for leveling the playing ground of the two warring firms. Alcorn and Park should compete fairly and each other’s rights should be respected. It is unethical for Pat, a manufacturing manager at Alcorn to ask for secretive information about the new expansion plans of Park. Consequently, the preferred decision serves a common good because Chris will be able to sustain business in the two firms. In addition, Pat from Alcorn would have been convinced by the minor information provided by Chris, and Park’s right to confidentiality would have not been compromised since the minor information provided would not be so damaging.

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