Sample MBA program application on Career Goals Analysis

Career Goals Analysis

The career goals analysis has possibly been the most important of all subjects discussed in the MBA program application. However, it may present itself as a surprise to many to realize that a number of prospective students do not have well-defined career objectives. Considerably, the primary step to resolving this situation would be taking long scrutiny at the thoughts of someone having an MBA and its benefits. Unswervingly out of Human Resource and Management school, I yearn to advance to Masters in Business Administration (MBA) so as to work for some of leading blue chip business firms in Madrid, Spain. Abiding, my aim is to begin my own studies in the pursuit of an MBA degree.

My main objectives include anything that aligns with Business Administration (DBA) and Human Resource (HR). This makes me be capable of applying my acquaintance with the functional areas of business and integrative methodologies for the improvement of resolutions to managerial and organizational challenges. On the other hand, I also aim at applying an assortment of organizing, planning, controlling, team construction, and interactive skills essential to establishing operative administration and management of firms in internationally assorted and dynamic settings. Moreover, I also have an objective of demonstrating the capability to measure and evaluate the self-motivated inner and outer elements of the competitive international settings. Lastly, I aim at establishing responsiveness of the moral concerns in the bearing of business and gratitude of the prominence of business principles and social accountability in the decision-making procedures.

The degree in Human Resource Management program prepares one to contribute tactically to a business’ general achievement. This platform of business knowledge focuses on the direct application of the acquaintance, capabilities, and skills required in integrating business and human-resource plans. With my degree in Human Resource Management, I believe that I will be able to learn to examine human resource data tendencies and matters from a global viewpoint. I will also be in a position to learn a methodology of incorporating human resource organization and business top observes to allow human capital attainment, growth, and maintenance. Communal jobs with a companies’ programs in human resource management comprise human capital expert or general manager, human resource manager, internal and external human resource consultant, labor associations manager, staffing manager, or talent gaining manager.

Throughout my life, I have observed two distinct career paths, Human Resource and Management Major and Business Administration. With the quest of learning much concerning business matters, I successfully did my bachelor’s degree in Human Resource and management Major and joined an Insurance company where I diligently worked for fourteen years.  For six years out of the fourteen, I was part of the talent acquisition team and helped recruit, and select new talent, in addition to working with new agents through the onboarding process. I trust that a profession with an accounting company would serve me by increasing my knowledge and experience in accounting. Additionally, I also believe it will boost in me the language of business and provide me with an outstanding introduction to the MBA program and the business world.

In conclusion, besides becoming experienced at process risk consulting, I have also expressively gained motivation in my project management and new program in MBA for improved development abilities in the coming years. Life has been difficult through financial hardships as I fend for my daughter, who is my motivation and inspiration to push forward to building a stable future for her.