Sample Memo on Employing Communication Skills in my Profession


TO: Instructor BusCom 201

FROM: (name of student), BUS COM 201 Student

DATE: January 27, 2015

SUBJECT: Employing Communication Skills in my Profession

I am pursuing a profession in the field of information technology (IT), as an IT engineer. In this profession, the use of communication skills is very important, especially the four communication skills, namely conversing, listening, writing, and presenting.

One of the most important skills in communication is the ability to hold a conversation, connect with people, and build quality relationships. I plan on make the most of my conversing skills by using several useful communication tips. First, I will ensure that I do not rush into a conversation, but rather take time to reflect on what I intend to speak. Secondly, I intend to maintain eye contact with those that I am in a conversation with. Maintaining eye contact is essential when conversing, as it conveys your interest in those with whom you are in conversation with, and your level of confidence. Moreover, my profession demands that I express my emotions while conversing with others. This is vital in demonstrating that I empathize with others.

Listening is another important element of effective communication. While communicating, a successful listener is not only able to understand the information or words being communicated, but also the feelings of the speaker. In my profession, I will ensure that the speaker feels understood and heard. This will go a long way in helping me to establish a deeper and stronger connection between the speaker and myself. A good listener should also try to establish a safe environment for everyone so that the speaker feels safe to openly express his/her opinions, feelings, and ideas. In addition, it is crucial for the listener to clarify information to the speaker in order to save time, avoid misunderstandings, and conflicts. However, I will try as much as possible to avoid interrupting the speaker during conversation, or trying to redirect our conversation to meet my concerns.


As a good listener, I shall focus on the speaker, including his/her body language and other non-verbal cues he/she is likely to use. To do so, I will desist from doodling or daydreaming during the conversation. I will also try to repeat their words as a way of staying focused and reinforcing the message. Finally, I need to demonstrate that I am interested in what the speaker is saying by smiling occasionally, nodding, and ensuring that my posture is both open and inviting. I will also not be judgmental of my speakers. While I do not have to agree with the speaker’s opinions, ideas, or values, I should withhold any blame, criticism, or judgment I might hold against the speaker so that we can communicate better.

Written communication is vital because it improves internal human relationships, keeps people informed, confirm actions and agreements, and establishes effective public relations and goodwill. To improve my writing skills, I plan to do the following:

  • Write for effect: I intend to focus more on communicating the message, as opposed to the information. This involves building goodwill with the recipient. I will write in a conversational language, that is, in a natural and warm language.
  • Writing from the reader’s point of view: This helps to emphasize the concerns and interests of the reader, thereby capturing his/her intention
  • Using positive words: positive words help to conjure positive thoughts and meaning in the mind of the reader.

While making any presentation, I shall ensure that my material is to the point, and concise. In addition, I shall also ensure that such material is relevant to the audience. I intend to employ the following strategies while making presentations in my profession:

  • Adequate preparation: I will prepare my presentation in a logical and careful manner by noting the aim/objectives of the presentation and the key points that I plan to discuss.
  • I also intend to fully familiarize myself with the tools of choice of presentation, such as in the use of Power Point Presentation. In this case, I will ensure that the power point slides are presented in a logical manner; the content is flowing, has speaker’s notes, and is error-free.
  • During the actual presentation, I will ensure that I have dressed appropriately for the occasion, as first impressions are very important. In addition, I shall have to look confident throughout the presentation, and smile to the audience. I will also ensure that my voice is audible enough during the presentation. I will match my body language as it expresses my thoughts and attitudes.

I am optimistic that employing the aforementioned communication skills in my day-to-day employment will enhance my relationship with my employer, colleagues, clients, and the public. Moreover, it will also enhance my personal and professional skills.