Sample Movie Review-Frankenstein

Movie Review-Frankenstein

Frankenstein movie is about the outstanding scientist called Henry Frankenstein who conducted an experiment aimed at giving life back to a dead body. After series of trials and failures on small animals, it finally succeeds and he tries it on the assembled body parts he collected from the graveyards. This exercise consumes him as he concentrates too much ignoring his friends and fiancée Elizabeth. His friend Victor Moritz and his fiancée are worried that this would be dangerous to his health and they implore him to stop the experiment. His hard work had finally paid out when the experiments led to a creation of human form, though from dead body parts. The creature seems so afraid of fire but is generally gentle towards human beings.

Henry’s father, Baron Frankenstein reason with his son to see the danger his new creation was posed to the human race and henry agrees to destroy the creature. He decides that it should be destroyed in a human way. However, the creature manages to escape from Henry and when it came across a young girl; it accidently kills her and this makes the villagers to rise up against the monster for killing the girl. Afraid of what the villages might do to it, the creature moves to the mountains, hides there for years, and only comes out when the wrath of the villagers is over and the people who knew it are dead.

The trouble for creature (named Frankenstein in the movie), this time comes from the two factions that are parallel and live together with the humans without their knowledge. One faction is of the dark and is mainly vampires; another faction is for the light and has made it their duty to protect human beings. Frankenstein does not have any group to identify with and at first is considered a threat by all those who its existence; mainly the two factions.

The vampire group plan to conquer earth and rule over men, but the light faction cannot allow that to happen and so do this, they need to have large number than the light faction. The leader knows of the work done by Henry Frankenstein and knows that he succeeded. He therefore hires scientists to carry out the same experiment, but the problem is that they cannot figure out the final element that henry used to bring the dead body to life.

The success of this experiment is very important to the vampires as they plan to bring back dead human beings through this experiment and make them vampires, by inviting demons from hell to inhabit the bodies brought back to life. They cannot kill humans because that would lead to a fight with the strong light faction so they have to collect dead human bodies and bring them back to life through Henry’s experiment. Upon realizing that the experiment cannot succeed without the final element kept secret in a book in the possession of the light group, the scientist give up.

One of the scientist, a beautiful lady is followed by back home by a group of vampires sent to watch her movements as they have threatened to stop doing the assignment. Frankenstein the creature, saves her from these vampires but she does not believe when Frankenstein tells her that she has been working for the vampires all this time, but she believes when she noticed that when killed their body is consumed by a flame. This incident marks the start of their journey together and they end up falling in love with each other.

The lady later goes back to work pretending to know nothing about the vampires and Frankenstein tries to create friendship with the light faction because he believes that working with them would be the only way he would defeat their common enemies who are the the first encounter he is treated roughly  and sent away. The vampires managed to kidnap the queen of the light faction and demands the book with Henry’s experiment in exchange for the Queen. Thelight faction has no option but to take the book to the vampires, buthaving the book means the end of human beings and the light faction is not far and someone must act to stop the vampire. The army leader of the light faction tries to kill Frankenstein but he dies instead and the light faction blames Frankenstein for his death and are out to kill him.

Frankenstein uses the anger of the light faction to his advantage as he reveals himself to them and as they chase him, he leads them toward the vampires who do not see Frankenstein as the man being chased but as the leader of an attacking enemy. The war that ensued leads to the destruction of the vampires’ empire and their experiment although asuccess, ends up to nothing as the through way on which Demons from hell were supposed to use to come and enter the dead bodies is also destroyed. Frankenstein is forgiven by the light faction and he gets to keep his new found love. The humansbeings continue to enjoy the peace that they were about  to  lose and yet they had no idea.