Sample Movie Review on The Berlin Airlift

                                              Movie\”The Berlin Airlift\”

The Berlin Airlift was the initial key test of the Free world’s motivation to go against the sovereign aggression. It started in June 1998 when the soviet leaders complained about how the technological difficulties would derail all the traffic congestion by water and by land, throughout the Western controlled sections in Berlin. The western powers, consisting France, and the U.S, were provided with two opinions, either to desert the city, or to facilitate the two million people with supplies to live by aircraft in the following eleven months. Therefore, the Western powers chose to facilitate the aircraft supplies, thus embarking the largest aviation achievements in history. The operation Vittles began on the twenty-six day of June, carrying various food and coal materials that were needed for daily maintenance. The U.S navy and the British freight planes joined the forces, in order to provide enough safety and unity between the linked countries, thus forming a combined Berlin force under the supervision of Major General Tunner( “The Berlin Aircraft).

Viewing the airlift movie, I learned that the operation in Berlin was aiming to save the occupants of the country. This was by providing an airlift mean to transport the passengers out of the Western territories. The airlift also was striving to maintain the socialism from spreading by passive ways. To emphasize the allied force willpower, the European groups placed the soviet targets throughout the whole operation, creating tension to  soviets. The airlift purposed at keeping Berlin alive and this intension caused increased resentment feelings between the Soviet Unions and the U.S. However, it is noted that, the events that occurred during the airlifting increased the cold War tension (Gottfried and  Reim 20).

Considering the tensional events that happened during the Berlin airlifting, there could have been other ways of beginning the airlifting. The Western powers could have chosen to conduct a concession with Russian groups, as this could result to a peaceful conclusion. This is because the Russians were organizing for socialism, the key reason why the allies were arguing against, thus the interests of the Russians were opposed radically.  During the time of the airlifting , I learned that the Western Unions displayed the power to sustain the event for a greater period, and this made them to counter- block on the Germany allies originating from the Eastern part, thus causing political upheaval and severe shortages of resources needed in the airlifting operation. I noted that the Berlin crisis solidified the European allied division ,escalating  the division between the Western and the Eastern  part of Europe. Moreover, the airlifting operation resulted to  transforming Berlin from a Nazism state to a country with complete freedom and a state of democracy with the power to strive against Communism (Gottfried and  Reim 22).

According to the movie, the division issue between  German and Berlin was left unresolved, although the Western part of Berlin that was under the control of the Western power benefited from the liberties presented. Thus, this resulted to the creation  and establishment of the Berlin Wall to prevent escape of eastern citizens. This wall became a clear symbol of the Cold War that left an important legacy in the trendy culture. The risk of nuclear culture greatly endured as a popular theme in the entertainment media (“The Berlin Airlift).


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