Sample Music Essay Paper on Kiss of the Spider Woman: Tony Awards

Part A: Show Information
The musical drama by John Kander and Fred Ebb Kiss of the Spider Woman was initially
authored by Terence McNally. This musical is influenced by Manuel Puig's novel and was
initially run in London's West End in 1992. In 1993, the musical ran on Broadway and was
crowned with Tony Awards for Best Musical.

Part B: Uniqueness of the Dance

This dance by Tony Awards is peculiar due to the dominant themes of love, sexuality,
trust, and escapism, which to some degree rely on a suspension of belief (Gibson, 2018). The
musical introduces a purposeful set of a fantasy world that makes it more relatable and notes why
people attend musicals and movies to escape realism. The musical comprises profanity, violence,
and abuse (Kyleorlando, 2007). These themes prepare the audience for some uncomfortable
scenes. However, just as the inmates use imagination for escaping, the producer includes
moments of escapism for spectators to venture into an imaginary world depicted by the pulsating
music and captivating dance.

Part C

John Rudell is a veteran choreographer in the BFA Musical Theatre who features
prominently in the musical. Also, Senior Abby Jaros of the BFA Musical Theatre programs
features the character of Aurora, casting as the spider woman.
This musical Kiss of the Spider Woman resonates with the Chicago production. "Kiss"
casts two prison inmates Molina and Valentin, who closely mirror "Chicago"'s pair of Roxie and


Velma in their embodiment of innocence versus experience. These traits shift position
throughout the show.
Dance Style
The production comprises a classic Broadway dance that is profoundly prejudiced by
inspirations of tango, Pasodoble, salsa, and flamenco.
A unique and dominant concept of "Kiss" that relates to other musicals is patriarchy. Just
as the misanthropic Warden has a holy trinity, the three matrons captured in one character, Billy
in "Chicago," reveres Mama and Mary Sunshine as matrons. The producer's act of balancing
intense drama with extravagant production volumes, Kiss of the Spider Woman, provides
insurmountable appeal for musical theatre lovers.



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