Sample Nursing Assignment on Accountability


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Accountability is so important in nursing. Weberg, Mangold, Porter-O’Grady, and Malloch (2019) say that “accountability is the definitive foundation for work for professionals” (p. 524). To this end, most nurses are lifelong learners – to grow knowledge and ability and evaluate the effectiveness of their contribution.

Let’s take some time this week to talk about failure to rescue and how this rising healthcare concern links directly back to our accountability and ownership. Conduct some research.

  • What is being said about the failure to rescue? What is it?
  • Why does it happen? How as a nurse leader will you work towards the elimination of failure to rescue?
  • Tie the principles of accountability into your thoughts.

Discuss this topic in-depth, including your own thinking and experiences, as well as support from the textbooks and/or appropriate literature sources. Cite any sources that you do use.

The book is uploaded and the accountability starts on page 524 in chapter 14.

Accountability and Ownership Resources

With No introduction, No Conclusion, and No title page, dig to answer the questions thoroughly and in detail.

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