Sample Nursing Assignment on Create Your Own Medical Surgical Report Sheet

Create Your Own Medical Surgical Report Sheet
Assignment Purpose:
During your Block 3 Medical-Surgical clinical rotation, you will be expected to utilize a report sheet each time you receive report on the patients you will be caring for. You will want to bring your sheet to each simulation experience as well.

A blank sheet of paper will not suffice.

There are various templates for nursing report sheets (AKA nurse brain sheet, nurse report sheet) that are used in facilities, and across the internet. However, creating a report sheet that you have tailored and invested in will prove to be a great personal resource as you journey through your future clinical rotations, and when you become a nurse. The sheet will evolve as you evolve through the program and into the nursing profession.
You will create and upload your own report sheet (AKA nurse’s brain, nurse report).
You are encouraged to obtain inspiration from report sheets you have seen or used in the past. You may also find templates online, however, do not download or upload any forms that are not your original work and submit them. (Plagiarism 101).
or you can use my own one I created. if you can just make it better as far as the design and also so it fit better on that paper thank you.