Sample Nursing Coursework Assignment on Post course self-evaluation

This is a post-course evaluation. The course is sexual health across the lifespan 1. What did you learn in this course that you did not know coming into it? 2. Do you understand the difference between gender and sexual identity? 3. Are you more comfortable asking a patient about their sexual health? 4. What barriers to care for the LGBT community can you identify that you did not know before you started this course? 5. Do you have a better understanding of emergency contraception and PEP/PrEP? 6. Did you identify your own biases and has this course changed your thoughts regarding sexual health? 7. Did you feel the discussion board was a safe environment to discuss the topics presented by the faculty? Topics for discussion were Barriers to providing culturally care, Counseling a patient who comes to the office requesting emergency contraception (EC) or post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), and referral to a patient who is experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV) 8. What do you know now about IPV that you did not before the course?