Sample Nursing Coursework Assignment on Worksheet

Paper Format: Title page, introduction in narrative format, individual group members chart information, and a conclusion in narrative format. The paper is in APA format, include in-text citations to support your discussion and an APA formatted reference page. Any references cited in your work must be listed in \”References\” and any \”References\” listed must be cited in your work. The expectation is that you include the use of the required texts regarding specific concepts/components to guide/frame and support your discussion. Supportive information from the source text should be cited appropriately to support the discussion in any charts used. First complete the \”Complexity Leadership Assessment/ Profile\” in the text Complexity Leadership (pp. 227-234). PART I: In chart format summarize your strengths and areas to improve based on your Complexity Leadership profile completed in Part l and Part ll of the Complexity Leadership Assessment Profile. Include in the discussion your strengths of complexity knowledge and perspective, and leadership style and action based upon your profile results. Include your score for each section (1,2,3) of the assessment profile, and include your final average to reflect the overall linear to complexity leadership score (p.234). PART II: In chart format, describe each group member\’s plan to enhance personal being and self-awareness, employing self-reflective and self-care practices, as discussed in Complexity Leadership, Unit 3-Chapters 9 &10 (pp. 167-201). PART III: In a conclusion, compare/analyze your strengths and areas of improvement looking for commonalities/themes inherent to your profession ( registered nurse) and your personal lives. THIS SECTION MUST BE IN NARRATIVE FORMAT. THE SECTION IS A COLLABORATIVE EFFORT AND SHOULD BE BASED ON THE INFORMATION DISCUSSED WITHIN THE CHART. Textbooks (pages are downloaded) Complexity Leadership by Crowell (pages 227-234) Advanced Practice Nursing by DeNisco- Chapter 28 pages 841-857. Sample paper is downloaded