Sample Nursing Discussion Essay Assignment on how a leadership and management situation can be handled

1. This week’s episode of Saving Sara shows us two examples of how a leadership and management situation can be handled. In one example, Sarah displays technical skills. She stepped in knowing there was an issue and instead of creating a space for a solution and delegating the task to a nurse, she decided to take over the task herself. Although it solves the issue of changing the patient’s catheter, it does not allow the space for her leadership skills. Sarah clearly has technical skills, which come from her knowledge and proficiency in nursing, but they need to know that she is also a great leader if she is going to be a successful charge nurse (Three-skill approach, 2020). Stepping in and doing this task herself does not benefit the patient in the end. She can step in for one task, but she will be unable to step in for all tasks that a patient might be uncomfortable with. In the second version of the episode, we see that Sarah explains to the patient that there is no reason for the patient to feel uncomfortable with Kenny as he is very professional and also one of the best nurses, but then goes on to offer a different nurse if needed. By doing this she showed her conceptual skills in defending her nurses’ competencies and skills as well as offering a solution to a request from a patient. She understood the intricacies involved in the situation and was able to work around the problem. By allowing the nurse to be a part of the solution, she also displayed human skills. She took into account his feelings about having to care for a patient who had made a judgment about him based on his orientation, instead of based on his skills and competencies as a nurse. Though the patient had already agreed to allow the nurse to complete the procedure, the nurse was no longer comfortable proceeding, and the way Sarah handled the situation, showed sensitivity to his feelings. This also created a positive outcome for the patient, because though he might’ve possibly learned that a person can be professional despite their sexual orientation, he also was given a competent nurse to complete the procedure when Kenny was no longer willing to perform the procedure.

2. The three-skill approach includes human, technical, and conceptual skills. Human skills allow leaders to assist groups in working collaboratively and achieving common goals (Jaqua & Jaqua, 2021). Technical skills help the individual acquire proficiency in a specific type of work or activity (Jaqua & Jaqua, 2021). Conceptual skills are the ability to work with ideas (Jaqua & Jaqua, 2021). In this episode, Sara had to make a decision on how to proceed with the patient because there was difficulty communicating with the patient and thus, the patient did not want Kenny to change his catheter. In the first scenario that I watched, Sara was able to use her human skills. She went into the patient’s room and reassured him that Kenny is very skilled and knowledgeable in what he does. This shows that Sara not only respects and trusts Kenny but also shows Sara valuing Kenny’s skills that he possesses. After exiting the patient’s room, Sara spoke to Kenny regarding the situation and attentively listened to what Kenny said. Due to this, they were both able to come to a decision on what the best thing to do would be, which in this case would be to delegate the task to another team member to achieve the greatest amount of patient satisfaction. This could be seen as Sara using conceptual skills as she delegates the task to another member of the team. In the second scenario that I watched, Sara went ahead and changed the catheter herself, using the technical skills that she portrayed. While Sara was able to get the job done, it was not the best way she could have handled the situation as she failed to delegate the task to another member, and by changing it herself, it showed that she doubted Kenny’s skills. As for the patient, the action Sara took could result in the patient viewing Kenny differently than the other members of the team, in the sense that Kenny is not trusted in completing tasks and he is not as skilled as other members. The best way to approach the situation and achieve the greatest amount of patient satisfaction would be to use both human and conceptual skills.