Sample Nursing Discussion Essay Assignment

1-visit the CDC Injury Prevention and Control website about child safety and injury prevention at
2-Additionally, review the CDC childhood injury report at

1-Create an outline with supportive content for implementing a simple educational program or intervention to promote health and reduce injury risk for the childhood and/or adolescent population.
2-Focus can be on an individual, specific group, or population. Include the topic and target audience or learner characteristics.
3-Include statistics on why the topic is important, the people affected, and pertinent risk factors. Include objectives, goals, the intervention, and means you will use to evaluate the program.
4- Show evidence-based support for the intervention. Comment on others’ projects and share ideas and interventions supported by studies.
5-explain 3 strategies to reduce injury in the childhood population
6-Explained 3 strategies to reduce risk in the adolescent population
Visit the CDC website, and add one reference per each answer