Sample Nursing Essay (any type) Assignment on Nursing Leadership Analysis

Reading: Advanced Practice Nursing by DeNisco Chapter 5 pages 137-141, Chapter 27 pages 825-838. (see download for textbook pages) Nursing Leadership Analysis Paper: Choose a living current contemporary nursing leader that has made an impact in their role(s) within the nursing profession. Compose a comprehensive analysis of the leader’s impact on Advanced Nursing Practice (see Chapter 27 in the Advanced Practice Nursing textbook). References from scholarly websites and articles may be used in addition to the textbooks. Part I and Part 2: Writing is in third person for these sections. Part 3: When discussing your own trajectory you may use first person to describe this section of the paper. Guidelines for the format of this paper are as follows: Paper Format: Title page, introduction in narrative format, and a conclusion in narrative format. The paper is in APA format, include in-text citations to support your discussion and an APA formatted reference page. Any references cited in your work must be listed in \”References\” and any \”References\” listed must be cited in your work The expectation is that you include the use of the required texts regarding specific concepts/components to guide/frame and support your discussion. Part 1: Identify a contemporary nursing leader. Present evidence of his/her leadership (what, why, how, where). Include the chosen leaders; background, barriers or problems perceived by the leader, course of action(s), and achievements. Cite evidence – 2 pages Part 2: Discuss the leadership style and the correlating traits the leader emulates; provide examples. 2 pages Part 3: Discuss two (2) examples of how you have or will engage in an action to fulfill your leadership trajectory. 1 page. An example: Will join the local state nurses association and participate in lobbying for an issue you are passionate about that is consistent with your leadership trajectory/path. The clinical nurse leader is my manager {Jean Smith) Where (Good Samaritan hospital) she was a bedside nurse for 10 years., then she got her MSN and became the manager of the department. If you need any information please let me know thank you