Sample Nursing Essay on Caring for Vulnerable Populations

Caring for Vulnerable Populations

Child maltreatment entails all forms of abuse and negligence of a child by a parent, caregiver, or any other individual in a custodial responsibility. Child abuse is a significant problem that affects children’s physical and emotional health status. According to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS), an estimated 1,720 children died due to abuse in 2017 (Palusci and Covington 25). In this case study, Marissa, due to her age and condition together with her siblings is experiencing abuse. Since most parents or caregivers and children do not understand the topic of child abuse, the affected parties, both victims and perpetrators, require individualized protection and enlightenment, respectively.

A protection organization is an entity that assumes a preventative and participatory approach in defending children from harm (Penh 6). The organizations must advocate for susceptible families like Marissa’s to provide sensitive care to empower both the affected children and their parents. A child protection officer can assist Marissa and her family to get appropriate information about child maltreatment and abuse and guide them in the right way of living and raising a family. The child protection organization in my community that I think can help this vulnerable family is XXX.


All personnel at the facility are qualified child protection employees and can address victims according to their needs. This facility assists the vulnerable with transportation to their facility for empowerment.


According to the situation in Marissa’s family, the facility will assist both the affected children and the mother, who is the perpetrator of child maltreatment. The facility enlightens both caregivers and the affected minors on the adverse effects of child maltreatment and the need to adopt a proper way of living.


This center accepts all the affected parties and listens to their needs. Moreover, the services provided at the facility are free.


The facility offers its services at its premises or in-home settings, according to the affected families’ situation. The organization also has some educative programs for both victims and perpetrators of child maltreatment.

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