Sample Nursing Essay on Effects of Pregnancy on Diabetic Women

Effects of Pregnancy on Diabetic Women
Diabetes is becoming common among pregnant women. The failure to manage the condition properly during pregnancy could result in serious complications to both the mother and child that could result in miscarriage or death. The effects we will respond to the PICO, what are the effects of pregnancy in adult women with diabetes aged 20- 40 years compared to normal women for the 9 months period of pregnancy.
To respond to the mentioned question, I researched available case studies on the effects of pregnancy in diabetic women. Eventually, I found a case study on the effects of gestational diabetes on pregnant mothers and their newborns (Pramanic & Panda,2017). I found the article in the International Journal of Contemporary Medical Research Database. The researchers found that gestational diabetes is usually caused by high Body mass index (BMI) and late pregnancies. Additionally, the case study indicated that the presence of hyperglycemia in the first trimester could result in congenital malfunction and high chances of spontaneous abortion. The study involved women with gestational diabetes and those without the condition. Those with the condition reported cases of hypothyroidism and their newborns were admitted with hypoglycemia while those who were non-diabetic were normal and their newborns were normal too.
I used meSH to locate the right articles although I did not find any fit for my PICO. I applied keywords such as “effects,” “impacts,” “diabetes,” and “pregnant women” to help me find the right content on other databases.
It is clear that pregnancy has adverse effects on diabetic women. However with the right pre-pregnancy care and proper management during and after pregnancy, the danger can be eliminated resulting in healthy babies and mothers.
Pramanick, S. & Panda, P. (2017). Study of the effects of gestational diabetes on pregnant mothers and their newborn babies in a medical college in west Bengal, International journal of contemporary medical research, 4(6):1228-1231