Sample Nursing Essay on Health Care versus Politics

Health Care versus Politics

The article featured here is the Kaiser Health News Morning Briefing published on January 13, 2020. Based on this article, the interest groups include the American President Donald Trump, Trump’s administration, voters, Americans, health insurance groups, and health care providers. Issues that interest these parties are politics and health care access.

Politics: Ongoing presidential campaign agenda

President Trump’s current concern is to win the oncoming elections so that he could enjoy a second term in office. As a result, the campaigns are getting heated with Americans wanting him to address the issue of health care which is a great concern to many of the electorates. In response, the American president and his campaign office have been stating that the health care policies have been favorable to Americans during his tenure. Unfortunately, the voters disagree as there are facts indicating the claims of the Trump administration are false. To win the second term, President Trump will have to prove to the Americans that he has improved the country’s health care system and not trashed it as it seems.

The Health Care Debate

During President Obama’s regime, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed with the major benefits highlighted being access to Medicare for all, covering of the pre-existing conditions, an extension of the children’s health insurance program, and the individual mandate (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2017). However, immediately the current American president took office he sought to repeal Obamacare which resulted in better health care in the years leading it’s being signed into law. Simply put, Trump’s administration has been against the ACA claiming that it would cost the government a fortune to implement it. Consequently, there has been increased medical premiums, reduced number of people signing up of health cover, halting of government subsidies to the health insurance companies, and elimination of tax penalty for those without insurance coverage as stipulated in ACA (Luthra, 2020). Thus, Trump’s administration has done more harm than good to the health care sector despite of its politically friendly tone on the subject


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