Sample Nursing Essay on Professional Nursing Organizations

Professional Nursing Organizations

Professional organizations and associations in nursing are critical in developing a flow of ideas, and proactive work to create and maintain a healthy profession that advocates for the patients’ and nurses’ needs, and enhances trust in the society. The major concern of the health industry is to provide quality and safe patient care and to create a favorable health environment that advocates for work satisfaction. To achieve these objectives, professional nursing organizations often work with the relevant health stakeholders including the nurses, and patients. There are various professional organizations across the United States including The American Nurses Association (ANA), and The Joint Commission (TJC). These organizations support the nursing practice in several ways such as tracking down challenges that affect various health facilities and make recommendations and work with the government to make relevant health policies.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least 100,000 people die every year across the U.S due to medical errors. ANA and TJC associate these medical errors to system breakdowns rather than human error. These organizations often track these system breakdowns and make recommendations to provide safe and quality care to patients (Catallo, Spalding & Haghiri-Vijeh, 2014). Moreover, these organizations especially ANA works with the federal government to formulate policies that protect nurses and provide a safe working environment. ANA advocates for nursing practice by formulating the Code of Ethics for nurses with interpretive statements (Matthews, 2012). The code of ethics establishes ethical standards that nurses are required to adhere to while engaging in clinical analysis and decision-processes,

Changes in healthcare occur almost daily hence nurses are encouraged to join professional nursing organizations that would provide them with continuing education and certification opportunities. Nurses should be at the forefront to align with an organization that supports their specialty. The significance of nursing organizations related to patient care is that they promote and encourage their members to engage in evidence-based practices to improve the quality of care delivery.


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