Sample Nursing Essay on Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement

Advanced registered nurse practitioners and other advanced practice nurses play various roles in different health settings. They not only help in providing primary care to patients, but they also help in leadership management practices across various health settings. This paper focus on the roles of advanced registered nurse practitioners and other advanced practice nurses, and their contribution to quality improvement teams.

The main role of ARNPs, who are nurses who have completed advanced levels of nursing education, registered and licensed to practice nursing, is to provide quality patient care which involves taking care of patients and their families (Cobb & Kutash, 2011). However, ANPs undertake more functions, such as diagnosing health issues, developing patients’ healthcare plans, and prescribing medications to patients (Cobb & Kutash, 2011). Qualified ARNPs offer specialized health services, such as adult-gerontology and psychiatry (Stanley et al., 2008). By offering specialized nursing services, ARNPs improve the quality of healthcare provided in community health centers in America. ARNPs and other ANPs also help in the leadership management of the healthcare teams.

ARNPs work with other stakeholders in the health sector to improve the quality of health care services provided in the average health facilities. According to Stanley et al. (2008), quality improvement (QI) teams are made up of individuals drawn from various areas of health practice who are keen to improve the quality of healthcare services. QI teams provide platforms for change and the ARNPs play a leading role in the operations of the QI teams as they test and implement relevant changes aimed at improving the quality of health services (Stanley et al., 2008). In my community, the involvement of ARNPs in the local QI team has led to agitation for the hiring of more medical and nursing practitioners in the local health facility. I think that ARNPs play an instrumental role in the country’s health sector as they steer the provision of quality health care and guide the improvement of health services in the country.

ARNPs and other ANPs play different roles in various health settings. The primary role is to provide quality care which involves taking care of patients and their families. They also work with other stakeholders in quality improvement teams to improve the quality of patient care.


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