Sample Nursing Essay on Reflection on Learning

Reflection on Learning

I have learned all the competencies recommended by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) which will help improve my care delivery approaches, skills, and expertise. The DNP degree integrates evidence-based, patient care technology, healthcare policy and advocacy, interprofessional collaboration, scientific underpinnings for practice, organizational and system leadership, and advanced nursing practice (AACN, 2006). These eight essentials ensure that a DNP nurse acquires comprehensive competencies relevant to modern healthcare settings. The chapter on concepts has taught me the various roles assumed by DNP-prepared nurses such as educators, informaticists, administrators, entrepreneurs, integrative practitioners, and public health nurses. The DNP program is meant to cultivate and prepare nurses for emerging healthcare complexities and the high demand for ethical considerations in practice. According to Chism (2010), evolving medical environments require ample knowledge and skills to effectively accommodate changes by enabling nurses with DNP degrees to make proper decisions when faced with healthcare dilemmas.

The importance of the eight concepts goes beyond care delivery: they ensure that nurses advance their careers in diverse fields reinforced by professional research and academic skills. Learned leadership concepts are essential in preparing DNP nurses for the initiation and implementation of transformative care strategies that are compatible with modern healthcare environments. I believe that the concepts will enhance my career path, allowing me to specialize in advanced nursing practice and prepare me to lead organizational and system change. Proper technology integration will ensure that I can competently use technology to improve patient outcomes, and properly evaluate programs such as IT structures used to facilitate and monitor patient care. I feel psychologically and physically prepared to learn various skills and competencies and commit to quality improvement through research, evidence-based practice, and proper technology integration. Access to diverse practice settings and qualified preceptors make me feel adequately prepared to handle organizational and system challenges. I am ready to compete in my new role and successfully become an accredited DNP nurse, who will transform patient care using competencies cultivated through adequate practice experiences such as final project and post-baccalaureate supervised program


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