Sample Nursing Paper on Geopolitical and Phenomenological Influence on Population


Phenomenological Influence On Population

A phenomenological community is a group of people who share values, religion,
interests, and beliefs(Patterson,2018). They are bonded together because of their shared
interest. Religion influences the population in that some churches believe that family
planning is going against the law of nature this has significantly led to population increase.
Some beliefs led to population reduction whereby some communities strongly opposed blood
transfusion even if it was the only option to save a life. A particular community may believe
in a quiet, peaceful existence, this will keep them united.

How Nursing Assists in Identifying Health Issues

Nurses, when carrying out their regular healthcare duties, encounter different
situations. Fortunately, these challenges are beneficial on a community, and global level as
gaps will be realized. Through nursing, the language barrier has been realized as an
underlying issue whereby the healthcare worker cannot communicate effectively with the
patient. At one point, the nurse may feel rejected by the host community, which may lead to
mistrust issues between the patient and nurse and affect the overall performance.
Gender discrimination is still a big challenge in the nursing process. Some patients
may feel that they could be served better by male nurses than female nurses; such people,
when attended by a female nurse, will always underestimate the services. Culture also poses
a significant challenge in communities that do not advocate for family planning and blood
transfusion, which is a big challenge when convincing patients that those services are
essential for their health. Racial discrimination is still rampant; some communities may

discriminate against services offered by a certain race because that race will carry themselves
as superior to others.


The language barrier may be curbed both locally and internationally by the
intervention of the interpreters, or the nurse may decide to take some time and learn a little bit
of the new language to upgrade the services. Regarding gender discrimination, people need
to be enlightened that females can also offer quality services such as their counterparts. In
circumstances of culture, people should be educated that they should drop cultural beliefs in
live-saving cases. People need to be aware that race has nothing to do with professional


Geopolitical and phenomenological factors influence the population in both positive
and negative ways. By working on the health issues identified during the nursing process,
positive impacts ones will be refined.



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