Sample Nutritional Essay on Why Breakfast Is The most Important Meal Of The Day

Research shows that the most important meal of the day is breakfast but this will all
depend on what one decides to take. For one to be effective in his/her daily duties may it be
physically or mentally, the main determinant is what is taken in the morning. For instance,
healthy eating recommends that many calories should be taken in the morning while the portions
should reduce as the day goes by. By so doing this becomes beneficial as explained below.
Weight management and metabolism. Taking breakfast increase body metabolism
.Healthy breakfast is known for weight maintenance and loss. When one sleeps, this seems to be
fasting and taking a meal in the morning means “breaking the fast” and there is an increase in
amount of calories to be burnt in the day. This fastens metabolism making the body to need less
nutrients during the remaining part of the day
Cognitive function. When one sleeps, it’s assumed that for the eight hours night he/she is
fasting. Hence breakfast is believed to restore glucose to normal levels and raise muscle and liver
glycogen stores. This boosts energy, improves memory and concentration levels as well as
amplifying positive mood. Stress levels are lowered as well. Children who take breakfast are
belied to generally be sharp and obtain commendable grades.

Long term health. During early mornings, the stress hormone; curtisol is high and this
improve storage of fat in the abdominal area. This stimulates appetite. When one takes breakfast,
it lowers levels of curtisol hormone. This reduces the risk of one being obese. Risks of
contracting high blood pressure and coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes are significantly
Nutrient intake and diet quality. People who take breakfast are believed to take
micronutrients that other people don’t. These may include irons,vitamins,calcium and many
more. Also, breakfast has a satiating effect which impacts eating for the entire day. Daily food
consumption is determined by what one takes in the morning due to hormones such as curtisol
hence controlling appetite.
Energy needs. Different groups of people require different levels of energy. For
instance, men require more energy than women as well as children due to the work they do.
When a man takes proper breakfast, he is able to perform his work effectively and efficiently.
Also, school going children who take proper breakfasts are known to perform very well in class.
In conclusion, for a healthy eating pattern, it is evident that taking breakfast should be a
priority to all other meals. Not only breakfast but it should be in the required portions and
nutrient composition for healthy living.


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