Sample OCBC’s distinctive method to developing and managing talent

OCBC Bank Case Study

OCBC’s distinctive method to developing and managing talent

The OCBC bank has been considered and ranked as being one of the best banks in the world recently. The bank’s major strength emphasizes on the proactive talent development as well as management. The bank has a very unique as well as distinctive approach to managing and developing talent as demonstrated by the bank’s extensive three-year training program, which is intended for all the bank’s new employees. Moreover, the bank has an ongoing career development plans as well as a structured approach to career rotations across all functions in order to offer employees a broader and diversified exposure. Worth noting too, is the fact that the bank’s managers are well evaluated as well as rewarded for their effectiveness in managing and developing talents.

OCBC’s approach to managing and developing talent to other organizations

With a good history as well as background of more than eighty years of operation in Singapore, the bank has been accredited and known to be people centered. Moreover, the OCBC bank has had to travel a very long road in its efforts through helping in molding and developing people, especially the bank’s employees. This is evidenced through the company’s continued success over the recent years. Moreover, the bank’s success and development is basically founded on the principles of sound and efficient business policies as well as active talent development and management. The bank takes training as well as development of employees seriously as human capital, which makes a key differentiator of the bank. Moreover, as compared with other banks in the banking industry, the OCBC bank invests in training and development in order to build the capacities of the employees to achieve and ensure high productivity and performance of all the organization’s workforce.

Unlike other banks in the banking industry, the OCBC bank allows all of its employees to learn as part of the bank’s ongoing business plan, which also helps creating a win-win situation for all the bank employees. Moreover, the bank also seeks to make sure that the employees’ learning objectives with the bank’s goals and objectives, which further enable the bank’s employees, succeed in developing as well as building their long term. Thus, this implies to the fact that the OCBC bank is superior in handling employees in making sure that their capacities are built (Berger and Berger, 2004).

OCBC’s approach to managing and developing talent as a prime contributing factor in its success

The OCBC’s approach to management as well as development marks a fundamental and primary factor in the bank’s success. Through training, developing, as well as managing employees, it helps in advancing the employees’ capacities and skills in order to enable them work in regard to the organization’s goals and objectives. Again, employees are continually encouraged to acquire new skills, experiences, competencies through training and developing. OCBC bank’s approach allows all of its employees to fulfill their career objectives at various levels, which in return motivates the employees to work towards a common goal. In addition, by allowing the employees with the opportunities to learn and apply for development opportunities within the OCBC bank, employees are presented with chances of moving into other roles, therefore, helping in achieving the bank’s goals and objectives, which in the long-run translates into success. This means that the bank’s approach to talent development as well as management remains the major recipe for its success since when employees are fully empowered; they are able to work for the success of the bank.

Other contributing factors

Apart from the OCBC bank’s approach to talent management and development, there are other contributing factors, which are responsible for the growth and success of the company. Learning is yet another primary factor to the bank’s success, since employees are presented with many opportunities to learn and advance on their skills and capacities in a variety of ways, especially through learning programs that have been designed by the bank. Also, transparency and commitment among the banks employees and management has been the cornerstone for the growth as well as development of the bank. Moreover, allowing the bank’s employees to move into other roles within the bank has been of critical importance in increasing the capacities and well as experiences of the employees (Lockwood and Society for Human Resource Management, 2010).

OCBC’s approach to managing and developing talent to other types of organizations

The OCBC bank’s approach to developing and managing talent fits other types of industries in a number of ways. Ensuring proper developing and managing talent marks the start of success and prosperity for any particular organization or industry. It is also very important to note that employees play a very important function in the success as well as operation of an organization. Thus, the efforts and roles performed by employees cannot be undermined at all, which also marks the basis of an organization’s growth and development. The approach employed by the bank in regard to talent management and development can also be adopted in any given industry and still, yield the same results (Gutteridge, Leibowitz, and Shore, 1993).

Some of the limitations if applied elsewhere without modification and OCBC’s recent performance

Some of the limitations if applied without any form of modification regards to employee management and satisfaction. This approach might seem perfect in the banking industry and very different in another type of industry depending on the complexities involved. In terms of the bank’s recent performance, the company has been ranked as one of the best banks in the world and one that has achieved great success through talent management and development (Leaw and MediaCorp News Pte Ltd, 2005).













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