Sample on Organizational Leadership: Ethical Decision Making

Organizational Leadership: Ethical Decision Making

The presentation discusses ethics in organizational leadership that influence ethical decision-making. The presentation is relevant in promoting the understanding of leadership perception in organizations.  The learners can enhance their presentation by proving strong arguments. In making the arguments of leadership ethics, there need to be strong points. This assists in supporting the decisions to be made by the management and organizations. This may include an optimal course of action on the best alternatives in the management. Therefore, the development of strong ethical stances is crucial in improving the presentation.

Secondly, the presentation can be enhanced by using various illustrations such as images and statistics. The statistical data and images provide the practical approach to the nature of leadership that guides ethical decision-making.  For example, the points on the implementation of CT-EAR should include statistical data and figures to support the implementation process. Since the implementation seeks to test moral responsibilities and organizational values. Most importantly, the illustrations should be relevant to the theme being discussed on ethics. The presentation uses certain pictures on the right hand on the slides but does not relay any information. Therefore, the illustration should relate to the topic of discussion.

The presentation should provide more information on the points recorded in the presentation.  The documentation of the elements of measures is written as only five points. These include the utilitarian approach, the rights approach, the fairness or justice approach, the common good approach, and the virtue approach. This indicates the need to develop relevant measures of understanding ethics amongst the leaders. The pie chart should also indicate the variables on each segment in order to make it clear. Therefore, the presentation can be enhanced through relevant ways that include strong arguments, detailed points, and proper illustrations and figures.