Sample on Stigma Associated with Disease health promotion

Stigma and Disease

To be of use to the populace I would endeavor to crusade for the importance of birth control and the effects of early pregnancies in churches, schools, shelters, and homes etcetera. In the same breathe I would also partner with private and public health service providers to create awareness on infectious and communicable diseases including HIV, Hepatitis, bacterial and viral tuberculosis etcetera. Only through such initiative would I reach out to and effectively impact my target populace
Homelessness is a systemic issue marring society. I would engage in a conversation with the pregnant and homeless 24-year-old woman to establish the genesis of her problem. I would also ask her about her history, including her previous relations and the father of the child, and whether he was aware of her current situation to determine how best to help her. Additionally, I would want to know whether she attends prenatal clinics and on what frequency. I would then help them secure accommodation at a homeless shelter and later maternal care.
Running away from foster care homes is compounded by a myriad of issues and understanding the adolescent’s case would facilitate helping her. Escaping foster care exposes the child to vast forms and uncertainty, accountability, and insecurity (Ghera, et al., 2008). Therefore, I would seek to help her as soon as possible. Upon meeting the runaway, I would inquire about her situation and notify the authorities. Since she is a minor, the authorities have to be notified about her case. I would then work wit the authorities to help her find a suitable home.
A positive TB skin test indicates of later predisposition to developing bacterial tuberculosis. However, the positive results do not indicate any underlying pathologies consistent with Tuberculosis therefore the patient can interact with other people safely ( Tiollais, Pourcel, & Dejean, 1985). Upon this realization, I would endeavor to help the immigrant secure medical review from time to time to ensure tuberculosis is contained in its juvenile stages.
Hepatitis B is an infectious disease caused by the hepatitis virus. Getting in contact with infected fluids from patients spreads it. Additionally, it causes patterned scarring, liver disease and liver cirrhosis in the patients ( Tiollais, Pourcel, & Dejean, 1985). I would ask the patient about the management practices they use to prevent cross-infection. If they practice none and exhibit tendencies that endanger other’s safety, I would initiate deliberate actions that would ensure their institutionalization

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