Sample on Strategic Management: Mission Vision and Stakeholders

Strategic Management: Mission, Vision, and Stakeholders

The onset of strategic management is the development of the mission and vision statements of the organization with the aim of addressing the needs and preferences of the consumers. The essence of strategic management is the ability of an organization to utilize unique vision and mission statements toward the achievement of competitive advantage in the market and industry of operation. One of the global organizations utilizing the concept of strategic management is Dell Inc. Dell Inc is a global organization indicating that it has substantive information accessible from various business databases. In addition, it is possible to access information about the company from its official website. This makes it easier to understand various concepts and operations of Dell Inc. The company focuses on addressing the needs and preferences of the consumers engaging in computers, technology, manufacturing, and development of innovative products, services, and technologies in the form of servers, printers, and desktops (Datamonitor, 2011).

The vision statement of the company focuses on enhancing its commitment to being ‘a good neighbor’ in the context of the communities known as home. This is through continuous and responsible growth with the aim of protecting natural resources as well as executing sustainability in all forms of the environment. In addition, the organization seeks to add value through financial and voluntary efforts with the aim of improving the communities and workplaces. The mission of the company is to be the most successful computer firm across the globe through the delivery of the best consumer experience in the markets and industry of operation (Anitsal et al, 2013).

These elements of strategic management are in line with the needs and preferences of the stakeholders, such as community members, customers, and employees. This is through meeting customers’ expectations, integration of competitive pricing systems, incorporation of superior corporate citizenship, and customization of the capability.


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