Sample on Technology Tools for Distance Learning Environments

Technology Tools for Distance Learning Environments

Online learning tools can be incorporated in distance learning environments to present unique opportunities to students to learn in diverse ways impossible in traditional classrooms. The technological tools enhance collaboration, necessitate file sharing, and encourage learners to develop intuitive and interactive presentations.

WeVideo represents a collaborative tool that can be incorporated into distance learning to allow learners and groups to submit interactive learning videos. The video collaborative tool is used to create, edit, and share learning videos on multiple platforms including websites and mobile applications (Biancarosa and Griffiths, 2012). Since the tool is online-based, distance learners require internet platforms to develop interactive learning materials and share across different geographical locations. Per Biancarosa and Griffiths (2012), the modern classroom is incomplete without a collaborative website that creates a sense of togetherness among learners. The distance learners can discuss learning concepts and enable them complete school assignments easily.

Dropbox represents another effective technological tool allowing distance learners to distribute files easily. Biancarosa and Griffiths (2012) outline that distance learning tutors frequently find it difficult to offer classes without file-sharing platforms. Distance learners can utilize Dropbox to create universal folders that other people can upload learning materials. The learning process is enhanced courtesy of a tool availing diverse learning materials to distance learners. In addition, learners develop links in Dropbox in which peers access lesson plans they presently lack.

Prezi is another interactive tool that can be incorporated into distance learning to allow learners to prepare presentations. With Prezi, there is no need for Microsoft PowerPoint application because the former is intuitive and enables learners to make lively class presentations. Prezi is a computational tool accessible in myriad locations as long as the learners have a reliable internet infrastructure. Multiple learners can collaborate in the same presentation to construct and present knowledge in different distance learning styles (Biancarosa and Griffiths, 2012). With Prezi, there is no need for learners to physically meet to prepare a group presentation.

Technology tools enhance learning in distance education environments. WeVideo allows collaboration between learners, and DropBox allows them to share and access lesson plans while Prezi gives them the opportunity to prepare class presentations remotely.


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