Sample Paper on Allan Greenspan Speech

Academic Integrity Seminar
Allan Greenspan Speech
The speech by Alan Greenspan was great and, in my perspective, he was realistic when he addressed the potential of business ethics. This is evident when he mentioned the significance of information technology to foster economic value when it imparts new ethics that reduce uncertainty in a business. He termed business ethics to have resolved unnecessary inventions improving performance of an enterprise and living standards. His argument is relevant especially when he incorporates value of honesty and integrity. Greenspan makes sense when he asserts that a business which embraces integrity creates empowerment hence increases creativity and performance.
The element of honesty and integrity makes leadership to acquire a significant status. For instance, in each department of a company, leaders must embrace such business ethics to inspire the entire staff. This is achieved by instilling right actions that convince others to stick to a right culture that leads to success. The statement by Greenspan that firms add it to their balance sheets reflects issues affecting the economy. For instance, cases of inflation and gross imbalance lowered performances of a business. As a result, the rates of unemployment increased and financial institutions incurred risks. This made their balance sheets to contaminate and affect operation of the firm in hidden ways. In his argument, Greenspan further adds that fall of a business structure makes policy makers to cater for expenses. For instance, they end up bailing individuals who caused the crisis hence affect millions of citizens who are innocent.
Shattered Glass Film
In my perspective, I range the film on scale 8 because it is interesting. The main character Stephen Glass is considered faulty but is still loved by some of his staff. This is evident when his friend decides to quit from work after realizing of Lane’s accusation against him. In the movie, Stephen Glass is viewed as a flawed person because he is a magazine reporter who happens to hack to access information. However, in real sense he depends on sources to access details but this didn’t seem to convince Lane as he was eager to find out the truth about Glass. The only way to correct these flaws is to use the right source of information for the magazine.
Google’s code of conduct
The code of conduct at Google is highlighted to safeguard the current reputation of the company. It revolves around the motto “Don’t be evil” which pass across a message that challenges ethical situations and asserts the firms’ thorough service policy. This code of conduct creates an impression of Google’s expectation from employees that makes it to be ranked the highest. This is in relation to its potential ethical standards in business aspects and also applies in ensuring that the staff respects each other at the workplace. In addition, this code of conduct fosters the companies’ activities by sticking to its responsibilities to fulfill its financial integrity. Contrary to other companies, Google makes use of “Don’t be evil” code to create a fundamental pillar that depicts their corporate identity.
The reason why Google has such a code is to provide services to its shareholders for a long term period. It also enables them to stick to their good deeds to instill an image to the world that the firm can ignore short term gains by sticking to its principles. Google’s code of conduct section that interests me the most is honesty and integrity in a business. The reason I like this section is that it fosters the company to offer superior value that sustains shareholders and clients for a long term. If a firm depicts honesty and integrity, it leads to a performance driven culture that enable a company to lead at the market.
In connection to this code, the staff at the firm respects its suppliers, rivals, clients and representatives in all the deals it executes with them. Generally, honesty enables the firm to act with absolute integrity in all the steps it takes. This involves speaking the truth and avoiding stealing which interferes with laws. To improve this section, companies such as Google need to empower other individuals to embrace this initiative and fulfill its goals. Furthermore, to sustain the code of honesty and integrity, there must be a culture of ownership to take responsibility of duties. Speed is also essential to articulate for this code because it ensures that actions in a business are executed in an urgent manner.
Life at Death Camps
According to Terrence Des Press, human moral sense is an evolutionary survival strategy because it depicts all foundations that led to a man’s existence. Furthermore, it incorporates a survivor who goes through terrible stages and this proves that indeed it entails an evolutionary approach. At the end, is a stubborn man contrasted to worst events that could ever occur. I concur with Terrence’s approach because in real life human beings have to pass through diverse stages to survive and they often associate with difficulties.
Pleasure versus Happiness
Happiness refers to the inner satisfaction and it doesn’t incorporate fulfillment of outside desires. A circumstance influences real happiness and doesn’t rely on it because it gives inner resources that handles it. The achievement of happiness also relates to declaration of freedom and this implies that pleasure cannot be substituted to mean happiness. This is because pleasure is fleeting and motivated in an outward manner while happiness is constant and generated internally. For instance, pleasure that is an external and a momentary feeling occurs when an individual is having a good meal or has a lot of cash. It incorporates positive familiarity that associate with senses which come about when good things are happening. Conversely, happiness is termed as a state of mind and reflects what goes inside us. For instance, when a person goes to meet a friend that he missed for a long time, this rekindles happiness.
Statement of Gratitude
According to philosopher Marcus Aurelius, meditation reflects a man’s responsibility for his thoughts and deeds. This implies that it is essential for him to be cautious by making them to be good. The writer further adds that it is not proper for a man to account for other individuals’ actions but it is a good move to assist in such situations. According to Aurelius, it is not worth spending energy on irrelevant tasks and in each aspect, there should be a reason and a purpose in resolving it. In addition, if a person has concrete principles, and is told to change them it is convincing to take that advice only when is accompanied by a good reason. In his article, Aurelius portrays life and relate it to how people survive in the present, forget about the past and believe that the future is uncertain. In general, members of a community should learn to love others, avoid anger, emulate good manners and embrace spirituality.
As for me am grateful to my family because of their efforts to bring me up and ensure that I reached this level. First, I want to appreciate my parents for instilling good values in me such as respect, patience, love and the caring attitude I show others. To be frank, these elements enable me to interact not only with my siblings but with my colleagues and elders in society. I also thank my family for helping me grow up in a spiritual manner which keeps me away from trouble. I owe my family a lot and I believe that once I become a successful person after education, I will cater for their needs and all who need me as a sign of appreciation. I also give gratitude to my teachers who embraced me since I was a little kid from the elementary school to this level that Iam today. I want them to know that I appreciate all their help that transforms me into a vital person. I thank all my friends and treasure them so much for they are part of me in this journey of life. I assure them that we will continue working as a team to improve our future. Finally, this goes to the entire society, am grateful for keeping an eye on me as if they are real part of my family and I encourage them to continue this way to make the world a better place.
A Good Life
A good life is associated with happiness that leads to a meaningful productivity. It is also built on strong relationships, mental health, spiritual awareness and caring about others which enhances a satisfying experience. My plan to achieve a good life depends on the following factors: First, it is essential to find new pleasures and destinies to fulfill the thoughts in my mind into reality. This implies that I have to re-examine my life with a reason in order to participate in it fully. A good life entails thinking, participation and exploring the world by realizing new things and attaining spiritual pleasure. To achieve this good life, I will not worry about aspects that are beyond my control to resist hardships. It is also necessary to build trust via treasure of friendships as it enhances a good life that can’t be compared to wealth or power. Another vital factor that can make one live a good life is by mastering himself to avoid deception. For instance, being healthy is part of a good life and when a person is sick and doesn’t visit the hospital it leads to suffering. It is also vital to note that a good life is balanced and doesn’t incorporate excess factors hence avoids misery and leads to happiness.