Sample Paper on An overview of Government Arms

An overview of Government Arms

An Overview of France government and its structure

France is a presidential republic that practice centralized form of government based on the constitution, which highlights presidential powers, and the authorities of the Parliament. The head of state took control and ruled over all the state’s affairs. According to Hochstrasser (727), absolutism would refer to grounded centralized monarchs that dominate power over other privileged classes that held hereditary titles, and local authorities. The head of state is voted in and appoints the Prime Minister, who heads the government. The parliament constitutes the National Assembly and the Senate who share the legislative authorities. This is the kind of leadership style France possessed.

The French government is divided into three main branches: the executive, legislature, and judiciary (Shields 83). The executive powers are divided between the President and the Prime Minister being appointed by the chairperson (89). If the majority of the National Assembly are from the opposition party of that of the president, then the Prime Minister will the appointed from the leading party. On the other hand, the legislature is made up of the National Assembly as well as the Senate. The two key principal bodies have the mandate to pass laws through the Senate chamber as the higher rank of authority (98). The controversial point is that the judiciary works independently, and is made up of the administrative and judicial branches each with its supreme court.

An Overview of England government and its structure

In England, people dominated the power by the parliamentary system through incorporation of the societal worthiness. This was supported by the powerful ruling class that practiced a bureaucratic form of government that acted as a mirror on Democratic-Republic system. England is devoted to work on government reforms with a review of constitutional changes, and adopting this form of leadership would improve a free and fair democratic government that would be more effective and efficient. In England, the Prime Minister (PM) leads the state though with the support of Cabinet Ministers. The Prime Minster takes all the responsibilities for all policy and decisions, that is, appoints members of government, and oversees the operations of Civil Services, and government agencies but with the help of deputy Prime Minster. The structure also consists of the cabinet that is made up of secretaries of state and other appointed ministers.

Compare and contrast the government structure of England and France to the government of US.

The elected President of America has the powers and authority of leadership while on the contrary, the UK parliamentary system headed by the Prime Minister has the full power. The elect President in America takes charge of the office after a period of two and half months while that of England resumes duties immediately after the inauguration. James, John and Meena (60) states that the American government is grouped into three main branches: the executive, legislative, and judiciary as the institutions that govern all the government operations and the policies that act as their guidelines, which are similar to France’s government. The Executive system of administration is the same as that of France, though the legislative council is made up of the Senates and the House of Representatives. Their aim is to write the bills that become laws after attaining two-thirds of the votes in the chamber or being signed by the president. They can also impeach any government official and declare war. France holds their general election after every five years while America takes four years before conducting the election. The French governmental structure is the most contradictory that would not be applied in the United States of America. America practice democracy and bureaucratic leadership where powers are to emerge from the constitution, which states and highlights all the human rights.

England has been credited for the contribution to civilization through parliamentary democracy as well as the creation of common law. The political powers are conflated within the Parliament, making it a unitary state rather than the federal state. The home secretary is charged with the responsibility for crime related issues, though the minister of justice possesses extensive powers over the judicial system. This leadership is practiced and employed in America to date. The England’s leadership style created a well-balanced system, whereby if a ruler goes astray or steps out of line, the house would stand firm to correct the leader in-charge. This limits the misuse of power by any leader who can ruin the country. It is evident that America shares common leadership style with England, though with less disparity. Therefore, the government of France will be the most contradictory.






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