Sample Paper on Arab League Nations Economic Analysis

Arab League Nations Economic Analysis

The GDP levels of the majority of Arab league nations were lower than those of France, Japan, Germany and the United States. Countries such as Somalia recorded a GDP level of 2.5 billion USD in 2013 and 2.65 USD in 2015, which was relatively lower than of countries such as Germany, France and the United States. Other countries such as Saudi Arabia had GDP levels of 2836.4 billion USD, which was higher than that of France and Germany. However, it was at an approximate equal average with those of Israel with some countries such as Qatar having a higher GDP level slightly higher than that of Israel (Mahajan, 45). The GDP of some of the countries such as Egypt and Iraq compares favorably with countries such as France and Germany. The GDP of Saudi Arabia during the year 2014 was approximately 745.3 while that of France was 768.5. The GDP Per capita of Palestine was higher to that of Israel. Palestine recorded a GDP Per Capita of 1.6 million USD as compared to Israel’s GDP per capita of 1.54.The GDP per Capita of majority of the countries were lower than that of France, Germany, United States and Japan.

Based on the analysis of the GDP and GDP Per capita above, it is clear that the general stereotypes about the wealth of the Arab league nations are not true. The analysis indicates that some countries such as Egypt and Qatar have better GDP per Capital income than their western European counterparts (Leonard 67). Other countries such as Saudi Arabia have better and higher GDP levels than countries such as Israel and France. However, some countries such as Somalia and Lebanon have relatively low GDP levels and GDP per Capita, which cannot be generalized on all the Arab league countries.
















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