Sample Paper on Astronomy Questions

Astronomy Questions


The process through which individuals develop, test and make judgment on the validity of hypotheses is what astronauts refer to as scientific method. Through this process the authenticity of scientific notions are determined in a more formalized and organized manner. Through this process various concepts have been designed in form of theories that provide initial data and methods that a scientist can exploit when trying to understand a phenomenon. Scientific method process undergoes a series of events that should be pursued before it is rendered successful.

The purpose for using this method is first identified through observation and description of what it is that the process aims to achieve. Construction of hypothesis is the preceding step carried out in this process. This hypothesis provides the problem that is going to be answered while at the same time giving a wider overview of the issue at hand.



The space rapidly expanded as a result of Cosmic Inflation, with the variation in the amount of energy and matter produced in alternating sections of the universe through a diminutive quantum fluctuation that significantly increased in size. Within a small duration the universe started increasing at a lower pace leading to the formation of galaxies such as the Milky Way. Basically, this theory assumes that a force that results to the movement of bodies in the space resulting to curvature making it possible for the functioning of the inertia, momentum and other molecular matter. Conversely, it means the gravity becomes clear of the efforts that are produced before they come near the particles that are supposed to be accelerated or  to the possibility of an existing accelerator.





Its provides a logical consistency will no contractions in its dispensation making it a comprehensive theory, the data provided is testable through the scientific concepts and structures it presents. The fact as to if there’s any relations to the strings and the matter provides a rational comparison that proves to be compatible in terms of empirical data. The idea of these strings and the particles and their relations to the matter in the universe presents a simple justification as to what the supposition is all about. The theory has a straightforward explanation than those preceding it to the extend that it relates to the force of gravity.  In real life we talk of the electromagnetic force that is evident in the running of computers, sufficiently explaining its role in improving the information proficiency.  We also have the force gained from the such which provides energy for growth of organisms- nuclear force. This kind of force is related to the naturally radioactive that are emitted to substances for instance radium that normally glow in the dark.



The theory challenges individuals to view matter as electrons and the forces of gravity as tiny vibrating strings. It also describes the body as a combination of little rubber bands which make up the molecules. This theory further states that one object can reproduce different particles comparable to a violin that produces music as a result of tying the strings in different ways. There is also the idea that there were no extra dimensions that can be traced in physics. The perception which exists stating that we have a separation effect that makes individuals to engage in a particular act is the same idea used when relaying information to and fro.


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The knowledge that depends on one’s personal understanding is the indispensable explanation of empiricism. It is the belief that the knowledge an individual has comes to be as a result of personal experience or observation and not from narrations by other individuals. It’s a belief of empiricist that theories should come up as a result of observing data and phenomenon rather than claiming that something is a theory without observation.



This is a multi-component affirmation that a clearly described fact results to a flourishing theory which effectively represent a particular phenomenon that exist but may not possibly be visible. It a belief that an individual can be justified in having a certain fact depending on a phenomenon that he/she can accurately describe in relations to the facts he/she provides. It further describes an individual’s ability to satisfactorily describe a theory in real life providing facts that can be proved by a third party.


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This the lack of information that can bring about action aimed at continuing a nomologically possible phenomenon that has existed in the world’s history. The belief that there exists one nomologically possible continuation of the world’s history that is in real sense the genuine continuation.



Theorists believe that the string theory provides answers to the most obvious questions of the “why” by going further to the structure of the atoms as well as the composition of the universe through laws in physics that easily explain the policies and measures that have existed ever since.  It also gives an alternative on how the universe would be had it not been the way it is. It’s also critical to observe that it is dependent on previous ideas that have been explained before it tries to out do previous theories by providing more up to date version of previously investigated theories by integrating other facts such as the Quantum Mechanics. It provides interesting phenomenon on the theories’ weak as well as strong interactions in terms of nuclear energy.



The fact that the theory is primarily based on physics makes it difficult for one to understand how real it can happen and yet it is dependent on particles and how they react. The inability to test doesn’t sound better since the experiments to prove it can’t be done in a laboratory or even through observation from anywhere. It however stated that the ability to exploit science as an acceptable and correct is a belief that individuals are not mortal and are subject to correction making nature a subject of undergoing change itself.  Many other human belief systems start off with the assumption that the answer is already known.  It is therefore evident that in science individuals start from a point of not knowing then putting in the necessary measures to enable knowledge to grow.



Arrested in 1592, Giordano Bruno was charged for spreading hearsay and blasphemy and immoral conduct that was against the Catholic Church in Rome. After being in jail for 7 years he was asked to denounce his belief which he refused and later appealed to the pope but was found guilty and in 1600 burned at the stake for stating that the judges had fear when pronouncing the judgment against him and yet he was the one going to receive not them.