Sample Paper on Background Information on the Miami Beach City

Background Information on the City of Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a resort city in Miami, Florida, United States. Six commissioners and a ceremonial mayor govern it. It has tropical climate with warm dry winters and humid summers.

The building department of Miami Beach was established in1925. In the 1990s, disasters led to a review of the state’s building system and codes. The building system failures led to devastation of lives and the response was reform of the state’s building and construction regulation system, which emphasized on accountability and uniformity. Later, in 1998 Florida Legislature amended the Florida Statutes and Building Standards, and came up with one building code, which is overseen by the local governments (Jordan, 2012). This code is amended and updated annually, in order to accommodate clarifications and interpretations.

In relation to corruption, there have been several cases on the Miami Beach City. Recently, there was a corruption scandal in the city’s code and firefighters departments for arranging additional ethic courses for city employees. The city manager responded by saying that accountability is the city’s top priority and assured the citizens that their public trust cannot be betrayed.

Among issues facing the Miami Beach City is hurricanes (Murrell, 2003). These hurricanes have caused major damages and killed several people. However, the president has in the past said that hurricanes will not kill the city and that Americans should not give up. Attempts to armor the coastline have been made, which include building sea walls and elevating buildings. Research has shown that sea levels in Miami Beach City are rising and they could lead to destruction of the city. However, just like any citizens, those of Miami Beach trust that their government has their issues in control.


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