Sample Paper on Business Management Project


Every body’s Gym is a fitness center that will provide state of the art weight lifting and cardiovascular equipment, as well as classes in aerobics and kickboxing for people who want to keep themselves fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A juice bar will offer healthful refreshment before, during and after exercise, and on the other hand a small shop will provide a selection of clothing equipment and health oriented products. Every body’s gym will be located in the former Whalen Machinery building at 62 Dane street in Salem Massachusetts.

Mission statement:

The Mission of Everybody’s Gym will be recognized as one of the five best moderately priced athletic facilities offering unique personal fitness services on the North shore.

Vision Statement:  

Within five years, every body’s Gym will be recognized as one of the five best moderately priced athletic facilities offering unique personal fitness services on the North Shore.

Customer services:

The gym will be open weekdays from 5 am to 10 pm and weekends 11am to 7 pm, with special hours for holidays. A grand opening is scheduled for Friday, August 17th. The staff will provide special tours, sample mini-lessons and fitness and health care representatives of companies providing free samples and discount coupons for their products. Free parking will be offered in a well-lit parking


National growth:

The gym’s administration initial strategy will be to carry out extensive research on how to expand its stores to a national scale. This will be done after a market analysis has been conducted in respective areas where the gym is prospecting to open its centers in the country. This will include opening stores in suburbs and populations that are mostly affected by weight problems.

Salem growth:

Every body’s gym will target the community areas of North Shore, in Boston Massachusetts. To achieve a quick growth within the Salem region, every day’s gym will increase its presence in the community areas and retail areas near to places that are densely populated such as the Rockingham Park, Victorian Park Family Entertainment Center.


Target Market

Target market consists of a potential group of consumers with unique characteristics, similarity in behavior who are likely to get attracted to the company’s products and services on offer (Ledgerwood 33). This market includes an identifiable group of customers who can stimulate the demand for the particular services.

Every day’s gym will increase its market share by responding to the needs of its customers. The company will open its centers where there is a need and potential of customers coming for the services. The company will also enhance its services and customer experience where a retention program will be used to retain and attract other customers to its fold.

The ideal customer ranges will consist of females and adults with the ages ranging from 25 to 40 years for gym and aerobic exercise, for both sexes, and for the ages between 25 to 70 years for the customers in need of nutritional supplements.

Direct Competition

Direct competition is the utilization of similar channels of communication in order to sell services to a particular group of users (Rolnicki 52). Every Body’s gym will suffer from direct competition from other established gyms currently operating in the region. There will be a direct competition from rival businesses luring customers to their gym services, with these consisting of the Salem fitness center, gold’s gym and fitness center and Beverly athletic club.

Indirect Competition

The indirect competition involves companies selling the same services to consumers in a way that it offers a substitute to the current company (Socrates Media 47).

Every day’s gym will indirectly compete with other gym operators by acquiring gym equipment from the same suppliers. The company will indirectly source for gym equipment from operators such as precision fitness center and fitness equipment, the major gym equipment suppliers in the Salem community of Massachusetts. Besides this, the company will also face indirect competition from nutritional foods suppliers who supply nutritional products to other gyms in the region.


Serving every body’s fitness needs

A marketing plan is a way of moving products into a given market in order to sell them (Wayman 113). The company will formulate and implement a marketing plan that will be composed in such as way that it will address various segment of the market population. This will be facilitated by a marketing communications strategy that will suit everybody in the target market segments. The company will ensure that there are enough resources towards marketing initiatives to ensure that there is a smooth flow in all marketing operations. Besides this, the company shall have a situational analysis, marketing strategies, sales forecast and an expense budget.

Situational analysis

This will be used to analyze the company’s external and internal attributes to help in gathering information regarding the opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses of an organization. It will be used to gauge the competitiveness of the company towards its rivals in the same market segment.

This will also include the use of proper and effective marketing channels such as the use of exhibitions, social media, billboards, signage, posters, fliers, and banners as well as the use of public relations techniques

Marketing strategies and channels


Every body’s gym will make use of an exhibition as a one of visit to display its organized items consisting of gym equipment and facilities to the public in the selected areas. This will be to display the items of interest in order to allow potential customers to have a taste of the gym’s facilities.

Social media

Every body’s gym will use a set social media channels to drive its agenda in marketing its products and services to the community in Salem area. This will include a business page that will outline its services, price ranges and times of operation in order to attract the potential market on the online social front.

Bill boards and signage

Billboards and signage will be used in strategic locations to widen the reach in terms of the targeted audience. Billboards will be mounted in road sides, malls and parks that attract thousands of people. This will be effective since a large number of people will be reached in a short span.

Signage on the other hand will also be used in commercial display. They will be mounted in the streets with high number of traffic. This will be used to inform, persuade and guide potential customers searching for such services while in streets.


This marketing technique will be used to reach potential customers on bulletin boards, where they will be mounted to allow passers-by to read the service offerings. The posters will also be placed on the windows in order to attract customers.

Fliers and Banners

Fliers and banners will play an important role in marketing the product. Fliers will be issued to people in busy streets by marketing personnel’s, while on the other hand banners will be mounted on street corridors and other areas with high traffic numbers. They will be used to carry out the marketing plans of the company.

Grand opening

Opening day: Every day’s gym opening day will start as early as 7:00 am with staff and security marshals being involved in arranging for the parking lots. The parking space will be configured to offer full day services for customers who would like to take a longer time while sampling the gym equipment and services. This will include the juice bar, which will also market its products at the main entrance.

The company shall also distribute fliers to all vehicles that pass close to the Whalen machinery building, and on the other hand, a grand cavaran will move in the surrounding neighborhoods with music and live performances in order to attract the public.


The everyday gym will carry out advertising in order to inform the public of the grand opening of the gym. It is a promotional tool that facilitates communication between the buyer and seller, by informing, persuading and reminding customers concerning a product or a service with its attributes such as price and after sales service (Kaptan 28). Advertising will be a key element that will be used to introduce the company’s product as well as enable it achieve market visibility and dominance.

The company shall use television, print media such as magazines and the newspapers in order to inform the public concerning the store. Television adverts will be aired in the Salem community television as well as the capital community television in the afternoons and evenings during the pick moments.

The company will also carry out advertising through the radio, which will be done in the afternoons after the afternoon break. Besides this, the company shall also advertise on health and

fitness magazines, as well as newspapers. The adverts shall contain general information concerning the gym, including its location and hours of operation.


Recruitment, selection and training

Recruitment refers to those organizational activities that stimulate applicants towards a given position (Gatewoods et al 207). This will be included in the company’s operations in order to meet the Salem community labor laws in terms of representation in both sexes. The company shall ensure that recruitment practices are fair and that all applicants are given equal opportunity. The selection parameters will be based on experience and qualifications in order to ensure that the services rendered to the public are above board. The company shall also offer periodic training of members of staff in order to ensure that customers are satisfied with the services.

The building:

The building shall be structured in a way that customers both aged and the young can access the facility with ease. The first and second floors will consist of areas where the young can be able to access the building with ease.

First floor

The floor will provide aerobic space for the aged.

Second Floor

The floor will provide aerobic space for the senior citizens of the community

Third floor

The floor will provide an aerobic space for the junior citizens


The basement will provide an area of parking for both company staff and customers. It will also have an exit to act as an emergence during times of disasters such as fire. The floor will also house all administrative units, including security.


This will be enhanced through the use of surveillance cameras that will monitor the building. The signals will then be routed to a monitoring system.

Quality control

The company will employ quality checks and control in its operations. This will include market research, survey in order to monitor the progress of the gym facility. The budget will also be under subjected to quality checks and control to ensure that the finances are not misused.

Using technology

Every body’s gym will use technology in its security system, booking for aerobic classes for corporate customers through the website. It will also use automated and technologically advanced equipment to maintain service delivery.


The organization shall consist of managing partners and other administrative staff.

Ned White – Partner:

Will be in charge of the day to day operations including overseeing the financials of the organization.

Ali Costanza – Partner:

Will be in charge of the marketing functions of the company, and general administration of other members of staff.


Managing partners:

They will oversee the management functions of the company, with them being the major shareholders of the company. They will be responsible for implementing policies of the company, as well as acting as a link between the company, Salem community and the government.

Chief Instructor

The person will be charged with carrying out daily fitness schedule within the company. He/She will be tasked with managing other three instructors.


They will have the responsibility of maintaining the body physique of the aged as well as responding to health related complications.


They will be responsible for administering financial controls of the organization, budgeting and reporting on the financial status of the company to the managing partners.

Public relations officers

They will play a critical role in maintaining the social media by answering client’s questions in order to protect the image of the company, as well as increase retention.

Marketing Officers

They will be tasked with the role of carrying out market research, advertising, promotion and pricing based on market attributes and strengths of the competitors.


Short term goal

The immediate short term goal of the company will be to increase customer, retention rates as well as grow membership in order to sustain the business.

The target will be to attract ten corporate clients and 100 individual clients.

Long term goals

This will be to increase the number of outlets to three in the whole Salem community.

The company will also aim to grow its facilities past the normal county borders.

Strategy for achieving goals

Becoming customer responsive

Employing aggressive marketing techniques


The company shall carry out yearly expansion on different market segments. This will be a risk factor but will be employed in order to attain the growth strategy of the company.


The company shall have a financial forecast as a financial control tool in order to reduce looses and to prevent misappropriation of funds.




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